Friday, January 9, 2009


Whether the day is good or bad..
Whether im feeling hapy or sad,
You magnify my happiness,
When I am feeling glad;
You help to bring back the smile,
Whenever I am feeling sad.
You act as a canopy,
From life’s frequent storm;
Like a comfortable blanket,
You keep me cozy, safe and warm.
You’re a light in the window,
When everything’s grey;
You’re a trip to the circus,
A picnic in the day.
Like a bright, sunny summer,
You are joy without end;
You are precious to me,
And I am happy to have u as a friend
You are a pleasure in my life,
I hope that you can see;
How meaningful your friendship is,
You’re a total joy to me.

This post is dedicated to all the amazing friends I have in my life..n to all my blogger friends..
Keep smiling! and
Thanx for being there..


sawan said...

awwww.. soo sweet of you..loong live your friendship!! long live our friendship :P

Hemanth Potluri said...

u already know wat i got to say...thnks for being my frnd :)..


Arunima said...

That was so sweet a poem.
Swati u r good poet too.

Well done!

Trinaa said...

oyeee...good job sweetie!!! niiiicely done! :)

swati said...

yeah it will. :)
tanx buddy
god bless..

swati said...

n u too knw wat i gotta say..:)
tanx a lot dear..tanx 4 being there..

swati said...

hey tanx arunima..4 the poetry is nt my forte..was jus giving it a try..
and i am glad to receive sch good comments..
tanx sweety..
tc. :)

swati said...

so good to see u honey..n shukriya ji..glad tat u likd it..:)

Ria said...

hey tht was such a sweet dedication! :) thanks babe!

Karthik said...

Nice poem but Ek doubt

Is this poem for me too?? :P

swati said...

hey thanks a lot babes..

swati said...

why this doubt??yes buddy it is for all of u..:)

Rajesh said...

Hi first here..

Nice...its always nice to reead about I right??? It was so so sweet...this post reminded me of my friends...its a nice feeling..

swati said...

hey welcome..
yes its always a pleasure to have sch good frenz..
n thanks for the cmmnt :)

Toonfactory said...

Hey thats a beautiful Poem sweet...

swati said...

thank you so much..:)

N J said...

Sweet thought :)

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