Thursday, June 11, 2009

Phantom of memories


  He comes to you when you don't want him
  He whispers he touches u like a cold zephyr
  He is not dark not light,he is not death not life..
  He is filled with love..n fantasy..
  He is full of grief..n grudges..
  His romance is unlike anyother..
  His kiss is everlasting ,soft n tender.
  You long for him,want his presence..
  You hug him,embrace him n make him sense.
  You ask him to come,to be close,to make you happy..
  You yell at him,thrash him when ur unhappy .
  You hear his whispers,somwhr dowm ur mind..
  But he sounds nothing,n his rustles disappear wid wind.
  He is not a man ,nor a beast..
  He is not a saint,nor a feast.
  Then guess who he is? guess who??
  He remains with you till eternity
  n he is no one else thn your own PHANTOM OF MEMORIES

to read the hindi version of my post in tweenies own words plz click here dhundhla aks..a beautiful composition.

About 'New Horizon'

It beats, it pumps, it lives, it listens, it feels, it weeps, it speaks,it screams.... it does whatever i feel... Just trying out here what my heart conveys.

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