Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bengaluru - My New Destination

There are cities that offer mountains and forests, good looks, mall roads, sea beaches, pieces of concrete that leads nowhere, but this, is different. No matter how puzzled it seems at first sight, this city is not random. One-way roads to Mains and Cross - buses, lakes, to distant walks. Its madness is quixotic, its beauty is stern.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Touch of Wind

She saw the wind playing with the trash, dancing upon the trees like a flame casting its magical spell. The wind drifted and stirred her hair, she felt it was a wind from another world trying to start a voiceless talk. She winked and the wind was gone to some unknown place, only to make her learn that the spaces it visited had their own things to say.

About 'New Horizon'

It beats, it pumps, it lives, it listens, it feels, it weeps, it speaks,it screams.... it does whatever i feel... Just trying out here what my heart conveys.

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