Wednesday, December 31, 2008

spirit of love(a short n sweet love story)

They met,they talked,and they became frenz,
They fought,they sought,and they became good frenz…
Sooner they realized that they have stolen each others heart,
And this refreshing feeling lead them to a new start..
She then flew to a far off place,
But their love and warmth couldn’t be replaced..
They dedicated songs to each-other,
And their love blossomed with new fragrance of each passing weather..
Despite of not meeting for so long,
Still their bond became even strong..
So was the serenity of their love,
Just like the purity of a Dove..
All of a sudden,something went devastatingly wrong,
Her heart was stale,and his heart-ached like a prick of a thorn..
Later they realized,that it was no ones fault,
But unfortunately their relationship had to come to a halt..
But unlike others they didn’t blame,
Instead they tried to give it a new name..
If not beloved and best frenz,atleast they were good frenz now,
And they managed to share the same care and respect somehow..
Now they don’t talk quite often,
But whenever they do,they make sure that their souls have soften..
They pray for each others good future,
And hope that the other one always nurture..
The respect won’t fade away like the light of the day,
Coz they still love each other,but in somewhat a different way..
So wat,if now they can't live together,
They’ll always cherish the memories forever..

The first step towards love is friendship..but in case if that relationship doesn’t work why cant that friendship be the last step??
Well!!this year is about to get over..and im very happy..will welcome the coming year with great zest..
Wishing u all a very peaceful,happy,prosperous 2009..

Thursday, December 25, 2008

keep on the jingoism(part-II)

I knw its christmas today n I shud be talking something im sorry..this post is a continuation of the last one..
its almost been a month since those attacks shook the nation..this post is not about smething equally important
A house of a lawyer attacked by few unknown miscreants this is a third time an advocate willing to represent kasab has been targeted…the same kasab who took hundreds of life.. and these are the same lawyers who were criticizing him 4 such a dreadful act a week ago..n nw they are ready to lead his case..tagging it as their “professionalism”..
Kasab isn’t a person who needs to be represented by anybody..terrorists should be denounced universally..this is what is required..I dnt understand is any hearing required in such a state where whole nation doesn’t even have doubt of his insanity..

law states that we are not in war with Pakistan so we cannot detain kasab 4 more than 2 months..n lack of a defence lawyer will delay kasab’s trial..
I wonder if the gvt. didn’t find a defence lawyer what would it do..wud it set kasab free??jus coz law states that!
These laws are for whose benefit??its 4 us right..
i dn't know why such an unlawful act is being judged under law..
The rules and laws that are foundation of any civilized society are never more tested than when faced with barbaric criminal acts..serial killers n kidnappers victimize individuals,they are limited in scope..but a terror attack like 26/11 assaults all of us,the entire community..
Terror isn’t a civilized act..
Laws which override citizens right are often misused and tend to do more harm than good..its time for us to think..n enforce new anti-terror laws..if law is the only option left to deal with these terrorists..
India has been acting with lot of maturity since past many hasn’t been paid off for its,outsiders misinterpret it as our weakness..i dnt knw why we are acting so sweetly with these terrorist..i may sound kiddish bt i strongly believe that kasab should be hanged till death aftr extracting all the information possible from him..i knw its gonna take very long to come to a conclusion..but the sooner we decide the better it is..or else we wud be witnessing another IC-814..
laws are made by a country 4 the countries own,let it do so..
wat wud u say shud we grant kasab with a defence lawyer??
At last I wud like to wish u all merry Christmas..
In day-time..the may ur all wishes come true..
In night when the moon-lights so may god bless u..
N if let it fall n so shall it carry all ur problems away from u!
Merry Christmas..

Monday, December 15, 2008

keep on the jingoism..

Yes my xams are over and im back,I should be enjoing,having how?how, can I with an overburdened heart..i knw the reaction is a bit late but its never late when it comes to patriotism..yes im talking about 26/11..despite of my xams I was hooked up to my television set for those 60 hrs..i guess any chauvinist would do the same..a lot has been said and written about these attacks..but wats the outcome..we are back from where we started..just a handful of protests against these parasitic politicians,few peace it enough to heal a broken heart..rather a broken nation?the same old blame game,a couple of resignations,is it wat is required??

A wedding card stating khusbo “weds” scheduled for 6th December..every1 cordially invited to bless the newly wed..but did this happen..noo..the guy(an iit graduate) was one of the victims at taj..i can feel the pain of that girl,her dreams are shattered..and in such a way that no one can rebuild it..i heard the sound of bands,trumpet,shehnaai on 6thdecember..near my house..but my heart ached..ached at those pinching sounds..would have been melodious for some..
A 2yrs old child moochee..was suppose to celebrate his b’day smwhere in mid of December with his parents who were planning for his bright future..will he “celebrate” it?noo..cause his parents future has been distorted..just a fraction of seconds back he was lying in his fathers lap safe n secure and later he stood all alone..i wonder will he ever come to know the meaning of the word “ma”….“pa”
Terrorism has given rise to hundreds of tragic stories..God forbid,but it will keep on adding until a stringent action is enforced..
I read a banner smwhere stating.. “Nation of lions,lead by dogs” I would like to add to it a “nation of sleeping lions,lead by dogs..” anyhow sleeping lions are better than barking dogs..but when,when are these lions gonna wake..if not nw then when?We are the victims as well as culprits..becoz time n again we are letting it happen..
Gandhiji once said if sm1 slaps u on one cheek give him the othr he never specified if sm1 slaps on the othr as well what should u do…coz its understood that therz always a tolerance many more slaps are we gonna stick on our face..parliament attack,mumbai local attack,delhi attacks,jaipur attacks the list is endless but when are we gonna react that’s not decided as yet..
The reason for anger and anguish is im afraid that with time,we the timid people of this country would soon forget about the same..its just another topic of debate in the parliament for these vampire politicians..our politicians have proved themselves enough, what more do we expect!!thats the reason im urging the common man..and not the politicians..
I consider dying in a war is better than dying for no reason..and surrendering oneself in front of a few insane.inhuman,vicious creatures..(they don't even deserve to be called as humans..)is just like giving up ur moral...

If ur in your skin and flesh with ur heart are fortunate enough to survive,coz anyday could be your last a nation we need not take inspiration from any othr country..coz we are capable enough to design our own fortune..and differentiate wats right and wrong..wat we need is to get rid of few foolish politicians.. and wind up these deadly acts of terror demonstrating blood sheds all over..
I wonder what should be the next step and when??Its time to react to this jingoism befre it dies out..because thrz no othr option left..
"We do not create terrorism by fighting the terrorists. We invite terrorism by ignoring them."

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