Monday, October 5, 2009

Let them grow!!

From vacuous expressions,to lit up eyes
From earthy wishes to sky-high fives
From silent classes to chaotic bunch
From dearthy lunch to unpleasant crunch
From a noisy slum to a tranquil show
I have seen them grow

From child labour,to mute screams,
From scars unhealed,to strangled dreams
From tiny feet and burdened physique
I hope to see them grow

From childlike desires to aspirations gone by
From smoke in a dhaba to castles in the sky
From moments spent in vain and tears collected
I think they have grown

From despaired eyes to half held hands
From unsheltered roofs to ragged pants
From caliber hung to song unsung
I see them grow

From a to zee to nursery rhymes
From witty proposals to charming chimes
From talents loaned to skills finally honed
I see they have grown

From a lame student to being a mentor
From a gloomy silence to cheerful fervor
From blocked mind to outstreched arms
I have seen me grow

From a star lost in a night
From a bird frozen in mid-flight
From the horizon sailing out of sight
From a torch searching for some light
There is a lot in them to grow,
So please help them grow.

The theme of this post is not mine but the thoughts and words are completely mine.
And this post is dedicated to the underprivileged children i teach for an NGO.

About 'New Horizon'

It beats, it pumps, it lives, it listens, it feels, it weeps, it speaks,it screams.... it does whatever i feel... Just trying out here what my heart conveys.

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