Monday, July 20, 2009

An aura of silver night

Cuddling my arms around my knees
I sat on the beach of an unanamed sea
Resting my chin on the joints..
Canvassing the silver night
Moonlight was shining bright,
Spreading a silvery light reflecting in the water,
The hush n rush of the swiftly flowing silver liquid
Transmuting ordianry water into mercuric metallic flow
Watching waves wash up the beach and washing out again
Taking away the sand beneath my feet.
In the sky
Moonlight romancing wid billions of stars
Spreading the silver luminance
Two brightly shining silver star
Spreading thr silver smile
Seemed to perform an angelic dance
Showering happiness n blessings
The clouds were broken wid silver rays
Covering the moon now n then
When clouds parted
The beauty of the night sky was made to appear
There was subdued heavy silence
Some dark feelings overshadowed me
Sudden gush of being drenched in dark silver flow
To wipe of the fear,tears,and the past grudges
To rejuvenate self,n be a new born
And then thr was beautfl silver rain pouring frm sky
Gazing my past,
The droplets falling on the fallen petals n leaves
That silver rain marked a new beginning
And filled life wid acoustic silver paint
I still sat drenched wid cuddled arms
Watching the new horizon
Witnessing the silver lining of clouds
Transforming into a golden ray.

It has been a year since i have been into blogging and my pace has been really slow bt i love it this way,
so here's a Big heartfelt thankyou on my 25th(silver) post to all my frenz who have been really supportive throughout n to all those too who came here read the post but didnt comment THANK YOU ALL..
:) :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wishes from my heart

This post is a dedication to my frst blogger fren HEMANTH..he was the frst one to hop to my blog n he ought to be special..n since he is going to tie the knots very soon so here are some lines straight frm my heart for him :P

Innocence is his jack
He is a masters of purity
Brighter then sunshine
Soothing as moonlight
Full of naughtiness
n oozes wid enthu
He is a full hatta katta gabru :P
Has millions of wellwishers
N always ready to absorb others tears
He is a Tall Dark Handsome hunk
Getting hooked in less thn a month..

Happiness is walking in his life with slow steady steps
He'll be tying the nuptial knot in stary stary nights

Wishing u a very very very happy married life dear..
hope we'll be frenz frever :)
Am i invited??? :) :)
p.s. my next post will be my 25th it will all be full of silver color..

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It beats, it pumps, it lives, it listens, it feels, it weeps, it speaks,it screams.... it does whatever i feel... Just trying out here what my heart conveys.

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