Monday, February 16, 2009

Journey of a boy..

if (baby==boy)
First glimpse of god's ultimate creation,
the sensation of own blood,n bowing head in admiration..

The sweet smile..n pearly eyes,
those soft nails,and tightly clutched fives..

The finger and the sign languages,
mum for water and those giggles driving u to seat edges..

Crawling in mud,n catching small insects,
holding a pen n scribbling,with grandpa's specs..

Uttering the first word..n taking the first step,
falling down and stretching arms in distress..

Pulling up the pants..n wiping nose with shirts cuff,
hitting a six and making a buzz..

School days..the happy ways,
the basketball court n heated debates..

Oily hairs replaced with zataks and brylcream,
tying tie low n getting in mainstream..

Guitar strings..n hang outs in ccd's,
those endless chats..n falunting bikes in morning breeze..

The peculiar flirting,as if gals don't understand,
the gifts n chocolates and those spontaneous errands..

The farewell,the music n the attractive sherwaani.
swanking the suit as if its Armaani..

The struggles..and long walks on pavement
watching the dreams go real causing the upliftment..

Selection in best college,
those fest,fiesta's n endless knowledge..

Shivers on arrival of companies for placement,
those tears,celebrations and in within arguments..

The thumping of heart on first serious proposal,
those sleepless nights and getting emotional..

The reddening n blushing,on proposals consent,
a feeling of pride on being independent..

The work stress,the deadlines, n those random journeys,
the dearth of sleep,n visiting the refineries..

Dedicating the first salary check to parents,
more blessings and graces from the heaven..

The engagement,the rituals,
those late night calls,and the nuptials..

Those witty acts on honeymoon,
wooing the better-half under full moon..

The loans n insurance policies,
those provident fund and no holidays..

Hearing the good news..from wife,
the 9 months seeming to be whole life..
this part is under construction,so you are requested to focus on the if part only.
Good Day!

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It beats, it pumps, it lives, it listens, it feels, it weeps, it speaks,it screams.... it does whatever i feel... Just trying out here what my heart conveys.

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