Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wana take care of you!

(Mark was on his way to home for his wedding anniversary,Kate wrote this as a gift after speaking to him the same morning)


I may not love you,but i wana take care of you,
You are big enough to make it in your world on your own..
The man within you may think ti's wrong..
I'll show you the care of a woman that knows no bounds,
To hold u close without holding you near
It's not a sign of weakness so let me be strong,
I wanna take care of you.

I'll carry the weight of your world on my shoulder,
In the prime of our years till time ticks us older..
I want to b the reason for your smile,
I want to hold u in between my arms of life,as..
I wanna take care of you.
I'll be your rope when that mountain's too steep,
Be your hope when the water's too deep..
I'll share my blanket when trouble winds turn colder.
I wanna take care of you

I'll be your canopy,in the scorching sunlight,
Will be your smile,when things don't turn right..
I'll swathe you with words,everytime u fall short of it,
I will always take care of u.

(Kate heard the news of Mark's death(car crash),and this is what she wrote)

It's not love it's so much more,
For once in my life I don't know what I am living for..
You may not be here but each bit has your presence,
Without you this world doesn't even make sense .

When the good Lord took you why didn't he took me too,
So that i could always be there with you..
You are far away ,but one thing I know is
I still wana take care of you

No matter how hard death tries,
It cant take away our memories..
Coz in the end my care is stronger than death,
I cudn't stop your death from happenning,
So how can your death stop me from caring.

You cudn't live your life to the fullest,
But I'll make sure I live each moment twice to make up for you..
Life and death may have drawn us apart,
But I promise my care will always be there for you.

From your loving wife

*this post is a complete piece of fiction,has nothing to do with someone living or dead*

Wish you all a crackling New year!! :)

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