Wednesday, December 31, 2008

spirit of love(a short n sweet love story)

They met,they talked,and they became frenz,
They fought,they sought,and they became good frenz…
Sooner they realized that they have stolen each others heart,
And this refreshing feeling lead them to a new start..
She then flew to a far off place,
But their love and warmth couldn’t be replaced..
They dedicated songs to each-other,
And their love blossomed with new fragrance of each passing weather..
Despite of not meeting for so long,
Still their bond became even strong..
So was the serenity of their love,
Just like the purity of a Dove..
All of a sudden,something went devastatingly wrong,
Her heart was stale,and his heart-ached like a prick of a thorn..
Later they realized,that it was no ones fault,
But unfortunately their relationship had to come to a halt..
But unlike others they didn’t blame,
Instead they tried to give it a new name..
If not beloved and best frenz,atleast they were good frenz now,
And they managed to share the same care and respect somehow..
Now they don’t talk quite often,
But whenever they do,they make sure that their souls have soften..
They pray for each others good future,
And hope that the other one always nurture..
The respect won’t fade away like the light of the day,
Coz they still love each other,but in somewhat a different way..
So wat,if now they can't live together,
They’ll always cherish the memories forever..

The first step towards love is friendship..but in case if that relationship doesn’t work why cant that friendship be the last step??
Well!!this year is about to get over..and im very happy..will welcome the coming year with great zest..
Wishing u all a very peaceful,happy,prosperous 2009..


Hemanth Potluri said...

thats some beautiful and awesome rite up swati:)...just loved the expression's between friends ....wish u a very happy new year swati...may all ur wish come true :)..


suman said...

hmm, all luks nice in is vry rarely true....coz its vry difficult to make frndshp d lat step of luv...

sawan said...

wow, felt like reading my own story :) though the frequency of conversation is bare minimum now, we stil have the same level of respect for each other! Sorry to be late here. Luved the way you wrote it. You just gifted me some memories :)

Ria said...

thts beautifully written babe! :) Sad tht it doesnt happen the way it shud be. Anyways happy new yr to u.

swati said...

tanx hemu..wishing u the same..

swati said...

srry to say sweety..i knw its rare bt it does happen..if there is a good level of understanding than it is possible.

swati said...

i knw people find it its better to end up on friendship rather than spoiling those sweet memories..n tat beautiful relation..
if it brought a smile on ur face than im happy..:)
never mind these things do happen..
cheer up buddy..:)

swati said...

thanx ria..pain is inevitable but suffering is optional..
:) wishing u a very happy new year as well..

sawan said...

swati, wud it really work out? wont the burning pain be there every time u be with the same person? how could you do a usual conv with some one with whom u dreamed to live with! teach me, id like to learn :(

swati said...

dreams are often shattered..and as i wrote b4 "pain is inevitable" u just cant help it.. i knw usual conv is nt at all possible..wish tat person a good life and a good future..tats wat u can do to ease out things..

sawan said...

what if i dont wana loose her friendship? its hard right? :( broken relationship many a times cant be patched back :((

Aneesh said...

First Time here buddy, and the post was just awesome!
Nice to know yet another poet in here :)
'N as the title says it was indeed short and sweet.

BTW, Thanks for dropping by my blog.


Karthik said...

Nice write up Swati... Sorry no net at house for past few days and Ideas were not unleashed!! :( Will write soon!!

Alok said...

Somehow I feel this journey is tougher than what is represented by these words. And to accept reality and compromise and still maintain friendship requires extreme courage and strength. Maybe that's why it's something people shy away from...

Anyways, Happy New Year to you!

swati said...

hey i wish i could sort out ur prblm..
well..yes broken relationship cant be patched broken f'ship can be patched..

swati said...

welcome..n tanx a lot buddy.. :)

swati said...

tanx dear...yeah waiting 4 a post frm u..

swati said...

i agree dear...the journey is tough but not impossible..n yes it does require a lot of mental strength..
have a nice day.. :)

Arunima said...

hey that is a nice n lovely story.
Hope u had a gr8 festive season.

swati said...

hey tanx yaar..yes sort of..

Rajesh said...

Wow!!! The beauty of ur write-up lies in the fact that I cud relate to whatever u had written...Great job!!!

I've had similar experiences too but it takes a spl talent to pen them down and mould beautifully into words...

Keep it going...

Alok said...

When's the new post coming?

swati said...


Nandish said...

many would relate to it...

swati said...

welcome..n thanks nandish

i want to be... said...

good post...keep up!!!

अविनाश said...

that was very well written, loved reading it

swati said...

@ i want to be
thank you.. :)

swati said...

thank you avinash

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