Friday, September 11, 2009

An Ethereal Spirit

One night I heard a knock at my door
Who could it be I wasn’t so sure.
I opened the door and was filled with glee
The visitors ahead were no strangers to me.

I welcomed the guests with a fake smile
For I knew- might not I get any respite.
An air of suspicion crammed the space
My home was now a mysterious place.

Have you any clue who these visitors were?
My long lost desires- all who refused to blur
Travelled they long- from dawn to dusk
At last were here to brush off my mind laden with dust

Some desires filled me with great zest
For I knew they may soon manifest.
Some were buried deep in my heart
Since I nipped them in bud with a feeble dart.

For some desires I had, my heart still repents
Why I had them ever, I forever lament.
Some had grown in layers manifold
They cry in silence while I suffer and behold.

Died the few- their painful death
Left were only the memories and wreckage.
Some bygone desires resurfaced and floated in the heart
I smiled morbidly as I knew they soon will depart

Ready To Depart When they were,night turned into ethreal hours
I wrapped them in celstial coffin,on top of that sprinkled some flowers
Again they promised to visit my heart,when i refused to make them my integral part
In vain they pleaded on their knees,but it was time for them to rest in graveyard.

p.s. i am highly thankful to preety(tweenu) for designing this beautiful template for my blog,though it is still under construction,but i know she will modify n make it exactly as i want it to be :) Love ya tweeny :)

About 'New Horizon'

It beats, it pumps, it lives, it listens, it feels, it weeps, it speaks,it screams.... it does whatever i feel... Just trying out here what my heart conveys.

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