Friday, August 29, 2008

are you exclusive??

diffidence is something that lowers the scale of life when life can happen more beautifully.over-confident people are invariably tyrant.what we need is consciousness..whenever i face,any kind of situation or people,the moment i sit,i just look at them,and i don't even have to think i just see them as a part of myself,i speak to them as i speak to speak to yourself you don't need confidence the need only arises when you have to talk to someone else.It is said that "hesitation is the worst of sins".but "don't hesitate" does not mean to jump into every pit that you are intelligent enough to decide and choose in a moment whether you need to do something or not.
you try to be exclusive..but trying to be special is the worst disease,because once you get this disease,their is no salvation.wherever you go you have to do something stupid to prove that your special.if you are so exclusive,why are you inhaling what i exhale?try to breathe separately and see you will be why do you always want to be exclusive,live the way life is,just ordinary,.it is ordinary but it is magnificient.

About 'New Horizon'

It beats, it pumps, it lives, it listens, it feels, it weeps, it speaks,it screams.... it does whatever i feel... Just trying out here what my heart conveys.

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