Wednesday, January 28, 2009

contemptuous demeanour

My last post was a terrible disaster..i fumbled..bumbled..n i mucked up with my post..but i am overwhelmed with the comments i received despite of such blunders.
Thank you all for your support..n i will try to improve,as there are some well wishers who always guide me n point out the mistakes i commit,so that i could rectify them in u all..
moving on..
About a week ago i came across one of the various turpitude of modern society,an incident a highly disgraceful one..
As i was entering a food joint with a friend of mine,we discovered that a bunch of guys being dragged out by the security guards..on inquiring about the incident we found out that those guys (dressed neatly and seemed to belong from a good family) were caught taking pics of girls present there n were passing lewd comments..
when a couple raised an objection to it the security guards came into action..n those reprobates were kicked out.
Often,girls are considered to be a soft target..tender,delicate,sophisticated and sensitive are some far-famed words to describe the fairer sex..but do not misconstrue us,with such predefined words because when time demands we can even be bold,strong,audacious and assertive..
Just because of few such creatures the whole of the male community is doubted n looked down on by becomes harder for us to trust the same..
The degree of obscenity sometimes exceeds the limit,quite expected from the illiterates..but when attempted by guys hailing from a literate seems unbelievable!
God has created two species in human they both have liberty to access n lead their life their way,but the fairer sex can not do so because time n again they are targeted by such indecent acts..
I have come across few girls who lock themselves up in their abode,because they are afraid of such incidents..n they are preoccupied with notions that the same would happen to them,yes it can happen to them or to any1..but shutting yourself is not the option..this may lead such creatures to sit on your head n will motivate them to go ahead n continue there obscenity..if u really want to teach them a lesson then move out of your shadow n show them that you r not weak..u have the courage to face them n give them the desired answer as and when required..
"Courage is not the absence of fear. It is going forward with the face of fear."
Washing girls foot in navaratra,n making them an object of worship is not what is needed..i am not against these rituals,but what i feel is Women need to be respected,and guys who don't respect women,are like cold blooded animals..
You may find a group of guys hanging around in pubs,restaurants at late night..but if u find a girl she would be accompanied by her guy,family,or in group along with her male counterparts..u will rarely find a group of girls hanging out so late,reason there are drunkards and lustful eyes all over looking for their prey,peeping from behind the poles,in the corridors,on the streets,on bikes or maybe in luxurious cars..
No one can be there to escort u all the time..its u who has to protect yourself,from the devils and from the evils.
so don't hide from such incidents..if it happened to a girl next to u it can happen to u too..Preparing yourself is better than repenting later..
I wish this world could be a safer place to live so that a mother sitting miles away from her daughter does not have to fear for her daughter to return back from work safely..
I am not of an anti-male opinion..because i know all the guys are not the same,some are better,some are good,and some are the best..
but the leftover are "awful",not only girls but even guys need to beware of such awful creatures because they are not only ruining us but they are also ruining your whole community..
"Life on the planet is born of woman".so,respect them n give them there due credit.

Monday, January 19, 2009

unwanted child

You are the biggest looser,just good for nothing,someone shouted at the top of his/her voice,she turned around in an enigma coz there was no one else in the room except her,then who could it be..she heard the same voice once again n this time she made no mistake in realizing that it was the voice of her inner conscience..
She sat by the window looking at the sky..
The moon was high,n stars were scattered all ovr the sky..

She reminisced her find out where did she go wrong..or was she herself the soul reason behind her failures..
When her presence was felt in her mother’s womb,
Mother went to the doc to get the blooming bud aborted,as she was already blessed with three bright sons..and one more child in this exorbitantly priced environment would have proved to be a burden on her happy family..little did she know that it was a boy or a girl..
But destiny plays its game,docs denied for nipping the bud as it was too late..
Father was desperate for a daughter,n his wish was granted by the arrival of a daughter..“three sons brighter than sun,n a daughter prettier than moon,oh my love,how to tell u what you have given me”
No one knew what the future had in store for this little princess..the brothers were blossoming n spreading diverse fragrance,which was a sigh of delight for her..but what bout her?? despite being loved by everyone she knew the fact that she was not as good as her brothers in any respect......but its rightly said , where the foundation is unstable there is always a danger for the building to collapse.. but was it her fault??she was not the founder of her own self..wen she was young..she was like a wet clay..which could be molded in any the mold chosen for her ws deformed..
she was unable to explain it to the whole world that all are not the same… so she secluded herself from others..she was invisible coz no one ever wanted to see her,she was different,different from the rest,so they ignored her..she saw them laugh she saw them cry but she was never a part of them..coz she didn’t met their stature,she too cried,cried in dark,and in falls where no one cud see her…
every time she tried to come up..she was overpowered,and humiliated..she was crawling,crawling at her own pace..n every time she fell she had to start it from scratch..
she hated the sigh of sympathy n pity for her in others eyes..she wanted to break free n shout,shout as much as possible but she couldn’t do so..becoz she was living in a respectable society..
she stood all alone with stretched arms wanting others to accept accept her as she is..
she knew she have to resurrect herself..she cant let her failures overshadow her existence..the best way she found to do so was, to stop expecting from herself..coz expectations hurts.She was determined to be her own creator wat if thousands of failures come her way..she had the courage to face it with humility..
she still sat by the window looking at the sky,
the cool breeze brushed of her cheeks letting her hairs to fly..
a drop of tear rolled down her eyes,saying that her past is over..
and this time she saw the new horizon,spreading its hue all over..

Friday, January 9, 2009


Whether the day is good or bad..
Whether im feeling hapy or sad,
You magnify my happiness,
When I am feeling glad;
You help to bring back the smile,
Whenever I am feeling sad.
You act as a canopy,
From life’s frequent storm;
Like a comfortable blanket,
You keep me cozy, safe and warm.
You’re a light in the window,
When everything’s grey;
You’re a trip to the circus,
A picnic in the day.
Like a bright, sunny summer,
You are joy without end;
You are precious to me,
And I am happy to have u as a friend
You are a pleasure in my life,
I hope that you can see;
How meaningful your friendship is,
You’re a total joy to me.

This post is dedicated to all the amazing friends I have in my life..n to all my blogger friends..
Keep smiling! and
Thanx for being there..

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