Thursday, December 25, 2008

keep on the jingoism(part-II)

I knw its christmas today n I shud be talking something im sorry..this post is a continuation of the last one..
its almost been a month since those attacks shook the nation..this post is not about smething equally important
A house of a lawyer attacked by few unknown miscreants this is a third time an advocate willing to represent kasab has been targeted…the same kasab who took hundreds of life.. and these are the same lawyers who were criticizing him 4 such a dreadful act a week ago..n nw they are ready to lead his case..tagging it as their “professionalism”..
Kasab isn’t a person who needs to be represented by anybody..terrorists should be denounced universally..this is what is required..I dnt understand is any hearing required in such a state where whole nation doesn’t even have doubt of his insanity..

law states that we are not in war with Pakistan so we cannot detain kasab 4 more than 2 months..n lack of a defence lawyer will delay kasab’s trial..
I wonder if the gvt. didn’t find a defence lawyer what would it do..wud it set kasab free??jus coz law states that!
These laws are for whose benefit??its 4 us right..
i dn't know why such an unlawful act is being judged under law..
The rules and laws that are foundation of any civilized society are never more tested than when faced with barbaric criminal acts..serial killers n kidnappers victimize individuals,they are limited in scope..but a terror attack like 26/11 assaults all of us,the entire community..
Terror isn’t a civilized act..
Laws which override citizens right are often misused and tend to do more harm than good..its time for us to think..n enforce new anti-terror laws..if law is the only option left to deal with these terrorists..
India has been acting with lot of maturity since past many hasn’t been paid off for its,outsiders misinterpret it as our weakness..i dnt knw why we are acting so sweetly with these terrorist..i may sound kiddish bt i strongly believe that kasab should be hanged till death aftr extracting all the information possible from him..i knw its gonna take very long to come to a conclusion..but the sooner we decide the better it is..or else we wud be witnessing another IC-814..
laws are made by a country 4 the countries own,let it do so..
wat wud u say shud we grant kasab with a defence lawyer??
At last I wud like to wish u all merry Christmas..
In day-time..the may ur all wishes come true..
In night when the moon-lights so may god bless u..
N if let it fall n so shall it carry all ur problems away from u!
Merry Christmas..


Karthik said...

chk ma blog... Santa has gt smething for u!! Here is Santa's address...

Ria said...

Thts the most disgusting part abt our country, the govt wants to try and give justice to a terrorist like kasab.I dunno why cant they execute him straight away when there's strong proof abt the whole act!!jus too irritating.

Hemanth Potluri said...

it some times has the disguisting part to :(....i agree with ria abt this matter :)...


Vijay Kumar Sappatti said...


I came first time on your blog and i liked it very much. specially this post , the country has becaome a banana country . i share your anger and views.

congrts for good writing .

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swati said...

tanks to u n to santa..tat was really very sweet..
god bless..

swati said...

u can call it india's generosity...
bt this generosity is not needed this time..
itz really annoying

swati said...

this is the worst part..
anyways,have a good day..

Mannu said...

happy to read your blogs and to learn about "aag hai mujhe mein kahin".!
However , i have some different opinions as for myself. I think the purpose of justice is *not* just for ur rights ( as you mention it), but also a backbone of Democracy. And these are the testing times of our backbone, how much are we able to uphold the Justice. A slight jingoism from me-- that- We are better than the Pakis and that's because we have a stronger back bone.
This whole justice facade will teach us Indians why the Americans needed the Gautonamo Bay. Now we will understand, when we have done all the scathing of that structure. Time has taught us a lesson, i can say from this point of view. We have also begun to understand why the US invaded Afghanistan and Irag, and what is happening in Gaza (by Isreal).
It would truely be 'un'-professional of our lawyers, if none of them turns up to represent Kasab. But no worries, the Chief Justice, Justice Balakrishanan, of SC has already expressed his view in this regard urging lawyers to show up for him too.!
Think deeper and from the Democratic System of governance point-of-view, it is the very foundation of Democracy. Even wehn Mahatam was shot point blank by Godse in front of all, it took 5 yrs to nail him down, through the court.His views and books are not much banned in India, and we can easily access and read them. --Freedom of expression.
But i can read you too are well aware of all this, just that you are getting little carried away by emotions.
Kasab's defense could be like: Uneducated, misguided, believer of faith and country, ignorant, remorseful, truthful- post the incident, cooperating with police, destitute, ..
wat else-- how would we help if you were too?;-)

swati said...

i respect ur opinion..we all are law abiding citizens..its nt tat im aginst sometimes such rash incidence causes a sudden outburst of anguish..which dies off later..jingoism is nt all bout making othr nations feel tat we are bttr than them n have a stable democracy..itz more of making them realize that our people n their lives are equally important..n their tears are valuable..
time has been teaching us a lesson since a vry long we have yet nt learnt it..this is our fault..untill wen are we gonna hide behind these political issues.
yes we have freedom of wat wen this freedom harms our own mind is ready to abide law,n the the whole procedure of its nt that always mind wins ovr your heart..look within ur heart n u'll feel the anger of the people who have been constantly loosing there family emotions may be why cant we once keep aside our mind n listen to our heart..i knw this is nt going to happen becoz we are a "RESPONSIBLE" sch an act requires an earnest action..

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