Monday, December 15, 2008

keep on the jingoism..

Yes my xams are over and im back,I should be enjoing,having how?how, can I with an overburdened heart..i knw the reaction is a bit late but its never late when it comes to patriotism..yes im talking about 26/11..despite of my xams I was hooked up to my television set for those 60 hrs..i guess any chauvinist would do the same..a lot has been said and written about these attacks..but wats the outcome..we are back from where we started..just a handful of protests against these parasitic politicians,few peace it enough to heal a broken heart..rather a broken nation?the same old blame game,a couple of resignations,is it wat is required??

A wedding card stating khusbo “weds” scheduled for 6th December..every1 cordially invited to bless the newly wed..but did this happen..noo..the guy(an iit graduate) was one of the victims at taj..i can feel the pain of that girl,her dreams are shattered..and in such a way that no one can rebuild it..i heard the sound of bands,trumpet,shehnaai on 6thdecember..near my house..but my heart ached..ached at those pinching sounds..would have been melodious for some..
A 2yrs old child moochee..was suppose to celebrate his b’day smwhere in mid of December with his parents who were planning for his bright future..will he “celebrate” it?noo..cause his parents future has been distorted..just a fraction of seconds back he was lying in his fathers lap safe n secure and later he stood all alone..i wonder will he ever come to know the meaning of the word “ma”….“pa”
Terrorism has given rise to hundreds of tragic stories..God forbid,but it will keep on adding until a stringent action is enforced..
I read a banner smwhere stating.. “Nation of lions,lead by dogs” I would like to add to it a “nation of sleeping lions,lead by dogs..” anyhow sleeping lions are better than barking dogs..but when,when are these lions gonna wake..if not nw then when?We are the victims as well as culprits..becoz time n again we are letting it happen..
Gandhiji once said if sm1 slaps u on one cheek give him the othr he never specified if sm1 slaps on the othr as well what should u do…coz its understood that therz always a tolerance many more slaps are we gonna stick on our face..parliament attack,mumbai local attack,delhi attacks,jaipur attacks the list is endless but when are we gonna react that’s not decided as yet..
The reason for anger and anguish is im afraid that with time,we the timid people of this country would soon forget about the same..its just another topic of debate in the parliament for these vampire politicians..our politicians have proved themselves enough, what more do we expect!!thats the reason im urging the common man..and not the politicians..
I consider dying in a war is better than dying for no reason..and surrendering oneself in front of a few insane.inhuman,vicious creatures..(they don't even deserve to be called as humans..)is just like giving up ur moral...

If ur in your skin and flesh with ur heart are fortunate enough to survive,coz anyday could be your last a nation we need not take inspiration from any othr country..coz we are capable enough to design our own fortune..and differentiate wats right and wrong..wat we need is to get rid of few foolish politicians.. and wind up these deadly acts of terror demonstrating blood sheds all over..
I wonder what should be the next step and when??Its time to react to this jingoism befre it dies out..because thrz no othr option left..
"We do not create terrorism by fighting the terrorists. We invite terrorism by ignoring them."


sawan said...

Swati, with all due respect to your emotions, i would dare to add some comments on it. Forgive me if i sound irrational. I agree to all what you say. politicians act shameless, they act as cowards, they dnt know what to speak and when. Agreed.

Qns#1] Who put them on power?
Qns#2] What do you expect them to do?

If the answer for second qns is a military action, let me remind you that its not easy, not any more. Remember that Pak has an equally shameless government and they have the support of extremist b******s. This makes things more worse. The India - Pak border presently comprises of POK and parts of Punjab under pak's control. Meaning, the first bullets of the war is gona kill Indians anyways!Our govt made a mistake cos it allowed pak to keep Indian territory under their control. Now, they have to play safe. They cant impose war cos both india and pak are nuclear states. Any unwanted damage is gona affect our country as well. We are seeing heights of diplomacy now! Doesnt mean that we should wait and watch. A military option is the only way we could handle this, but we cant just ask our men to cross border cos to reach border, they first have to cross the line of control! I guess we are heading in the right way. The pressure has to built in Pak govt. International diplomacy takes its own time and the attack should be planned on the right way. the challenge is to keep this spark alive. i guess media is doing an incredible work over there. I just wish this time things settle out better. Atleast we are hearing sounds in parliament this time, voices on bills, acts. lets watch it for sometime cos its too early to comment on strategies.

Again, its only a personal view. I respect your words and your emotions.


Hemanth Potluri said...

that was some serious post swati :)...well i dont say u wer rong....but u touched the main aspects of wat people r really feeling these days gr8 job done :)..


Trinaa said...

exactly!!!!!!!!!!!! spot on hun!
...we cant jus keep ignorin d prob..this tym we've gotta fight!

oh n ur xams r over too?? yeaaaa..enjoy now :D

swati said...

hey thanx 4 casting ur opinion..
i agree that we choose the politicians..but the choice is so less..the same old parties,n politicians..we dn't have a choice to make..n ultimately we have to cast our voteso,we do by selecting within a couple of looking forward for an option of right to no vote...
im not asking for a full fledged war..we all knw that there are terrorist camps in POK i want the gvt. to destroy them...pakistan maybe giving assurance of taking actions against them but do u think its gonna kill its own nationals?coz in some or the othr way they are being benefited by them..
well i knw its a long process n may take some time to reach to a final conclusion..i jus want that this spirit of nationalism which i saw aftr mumbai attacks in our people shudn't die off..
thanks once again for giving it a thought..

swati said...

hey thankz hemu..a serious mattr deserves a serious thought..
thankz anyways..

swati said...

hey trinaa good,2 see u back..:)
yeah thats the way to go..
yup,finally xams ovr,njoi..mmmmmm..maybe...:)

kunal said...

what do terrorists kill?? spirits?
my spirit is not dead,my spirit to go in a local bus, to a temple ,to a hotel, to a movie.
we may not wipe out politicians and terrorists cannot wipe us out, but i am afraid they have almost succeeded in killing the spirit.
Understand and dont let ur spirits dye,dont let their spirit rule us.

Arunima said...

Hey Swati I understand ur emotions but at the same time I do agree with Sawan. He is quite right.

Good that we have realized that we are a country of sleeping lions but remember we equally make a part of it.
So why not we wake up at least.

Stand up & fight. Join some NGO....participate in the protest petitions etc. Lately I have been involved in these things & it does help.
And as far as voting is concerned, if u think there r no choices, then use the "49-0" voter power .

( u can google it if u r unaware of the 49-0 clause)

and yes u said it right....we invite terrorism.

swati said...

exactly this is what i want dn't let their spirits rule us..
why is it that always after an attack we realize that we are united..but this time i hope the spirits are leading in a right direction..
keep up the spirit..buddy..

swati said...

i completely agree wid u thats why i wrote,if we are the victims then we are the culprits too coz we are lettin it happen time n again..
n yes joining the armed forces is not the only option their are many other alternatives to serve ur nation as u mentioned..n im happy that now we youngsters are participating in these activities..i hope to see the change soon..

Toonfactory said...

Hey Swati...I have been in the same mood for couple of days...Very well written thought provoking post...

swati said...

thanx a lot dear..

sawan said...

the only question is how soon is soon? :P

R3d3MpTioN said...

sawan seems to be quite popular, But I disagree to some of his points. It is true that we have put the poiliticians in power but is it too dumb to even expect it to get better, considering we had changed governments to bring about a "change". We expect them to do something.. nething, surprisingly the last line of this post seemd adequate enough to answer your question, "We do not create terrorism by fighting the terrorists. We invite terrorism by ignoring them."

Going by this quote, Pakistan seemingly only harbours the terrorists, we are infact creating them. The ease with which our country has been put into a state of constant fear is shameful to say the least. It is ok to be afraid I guess, but everyone needs a superman to cling on. A hope that someone is there to look out for us, even if it has to be those politicians we all hate. A strong government policy can be forced only if authors like her are able to influence people like us and create numbers, because in this country only the numbers speak.. We want to be heard by the powers that are. We are the ones to bring the revolution.. atleast thats what various writers across various dailies and magazines have led me to believe...


sawan said...

quite inspiring words by R3d3MpTioN . And I wont argue with it, not at this point of time. agree with all his words, just that i looked at it from a different angle.

"We do not create terrorism by fighting the terrorists. We invite terrorism by ignoring them."
true, so wut do we do now? thinking about the past and debating that so and so things SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE is of no use now. What could be done today? what better than whats been done?

i woudn vote for congress on any given day, but still i believe they are doing the best they could and till now, only one stupid guy embarassed the nation with his stupid conclusion, that being Antulay.

swati said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
swati said...

thank you so much...that was really supportive..i think u got the essence of the post..i believe if my post influences any1 even by 0.1% i feel fortunate enough..coz i knw itz nt wrds bt ur action wat may forget these posts as time the change(if it ever happnd within any1)will always remain there.
Indian poloticians will be on top if they participate in any intrnational debate when talking about actions they just hide smwhere as if they dnt even exist..
"Pakistan seemingly only harbours the terrorists, we are infact creating them."
very true..and the sooner we realize the better it is..

swati said...

leave aside antulay..wat wud u say bout RR patil and deshmukh??wat they did was it justifiable??i knw they are nt in power this is nt the gestures and statements u expect frm a leader of such a renowned party n specially at such a crucial time..itz nt one member who makes or breaks party..neither itz the fault of all the members of the party..
itz the duty of the party's top most authority to recognize these faulty links n throw them away..

there are lots of questions yet to be answered..n i hope the gvt. takes the right action..

sawan said...

swati, :) its just a way of thought, dnt think that i am being less supportive :)

Rishab's words are true and so is urs. i just told that war is not an immediate option. ofcourse the option cant be closed as well. violence should always be the last resort and once it starts, it should see the end of terror. the prev wars in Indo Pk border alyaws saw incomplete missions. As soon as India conquer some of our posts, the govt calls off the war. The result: terror prevails and lot of Indian soldiers are dead. Why cant they just wait till we take back the entire POK?

Again, not all in Pak are our enemies. Its a very small nation. We should also think of the public there who would get affected before of this war. They should not suffer cos of the insane govt that rule them!

as i said, i do not support congress. but as a citizen, i think that in this moment of concern, we should support the govt, who ever is ruling and we could criticize them once we are back in track.

Good day Swati.

swati said...

no dear nthng like that :)..i feel all my blogger frenz(including u)are equally supportive..itz jus a mattr of diffrnce of opinion..which we share..n itz good to knw bout othrz opinion as u have full right to put 4ward ur opinion..tats wat we are here 4..
i highly appreciate the care n warmth u have 4d locals of pakistan..n 4 our own they are the ones who'll be suffering the most..
bt people dying in terror attacks are also innocent..and their famlies are left behind to suffer too..
good day to u 2..
take care..:)
n plz do keep visiting..

sawan said...

Swati, the first response of Pak foreign minister when asked about the tensions in the border was this "We are ready for war. India should remember that we are a nuclear state"! India has never mentioned the term "war" in any diplomatic meetings. It shows how insane the Pak govt is. Its easy to fall in their trap. they have nothing to loose. they call it jihad, we know its stupidity and lack of proper education. Since we are maore educated and more aware of things, all i say is that we should act more matured than the stupid pak govt!

Ill be here every time u update :) remember i follow u :P

Karthik said...

//We do not create terrorism by fighting the terrorists. We invite terrorism by ignoring them.//

Nice Lines mate!! A post frm u on a serious note!! Say NO to Vote if ur region is pitted with same stinking politicians.. Vote who care for the Nation and dare for the nation!!!

swati said...

thanks karthik..

R3d3MpTioN said...

@sawan, swati

I think the purpose of this post is being undermined by the simple difference of perspective. There is no question of being less or more supportive because as the title of this page suggests, we are all here to give our "comments" on the same and remain non-judgmental about the same. We all agree that the politicians we elect are all spineless rats, who would slink to a corner if they visualised a threat to themselves. But the issue remains that even so, we have to hope that somewhere someone among them has the morals to do something when it boils down to a situation like this where an action is imperative.. The hope of this is what keeps us from going insane and is the thing I was talking about earlier. Hope I am a little more clearer and a little more neutral this time.

Toonfactory said...

No new post :(

Merry Christmas..Have a rocking time

Ria said...

Well said!and i agree with u, ur anger is justified. But i really wonder if anything is happening at all!! I m tired of seeing nothing happening each time such an incident occurs.

swati said...

hey buddy,didnt had anything in the head to fortunately got smthing nw..
have a good day..

swati said...

tanx ria..
i hope smthing positive to happen soon..

Mannu said...

nice blog and nice commentary that follows.
Emotions have touched me deep within, the marriage card, which will never happen, the bright future planners, who have themselves sunk into misfortune.!
I hold back my tears..
Sends me down to think of humans and think how we can get out of this whole thind, when all the eyes on the planet begin to value Tears, no matter whose.
You doing a good job by invoking the value of tears in our minds, by evoking our tears.

swati said...

those tears need to be given a serious thought..n the reason behind these tears sud be figured out..or else these tears will keep on rolling down evry nw n then..
we always take it 4 grantd that sch deadly things wnt happen to us or to any of our family we have tears for them who died,we pray 4there family's well being..n then those tears dries off aftr a certain intrval..
bt will these tears dry off if any of our family member suffrd in sch an act..i guess no..
so why do we let othrz bring tears in our eyes..?

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