Thursday, November 13, 2008

Going on date with exams..

Those folding the corners of the book for further reference,
Preparing notes of only the most importatnt questions,
Going to the professor for shortlisting the important topics(or say the sure short questions which will definetly turn up in xams),
Last moment Completion of the practical file,
Cramming the whole stuff,skipping the meals in order to catch up with the syllabus..
Dark circles under eyes,coz of dearth of sleep..
Long ,late night calls discussing problems..leading to a new problem,
Opening the book of software testing,but thinking about MIS and the other subjects left untouched,
Going to temples for blessings,those yogurt n sugar..
Always thinking about the last day of the xams..Planning movies after xams..
Not receiving calls,messages from bf n old frenz..
Those combined studies,heated topic of debates(ending nowhere),
Proving ur point however,being it pointless..
Those healthy competitions..turning into hair pulling fights..
Palpitation as u approach the examination hall..
Sweat on forehead even in extreme winters..
Murmuring prayer before distribution of the question papers..
A jiff of smile after reading a question in the question paper..coz u knw the answer..
Feeling ‘j’ as ur fren asks for a supplementary sheet..before you..
Those 2 weeks of xams,seeming to be 2 long years..
Discussing the paper with frenz, Cursing urself for not answering a question u knew..
Waiting for the results(best phase),fake rumours of results being out,setting u ablaze..
World famous statement..”could have got more”even after getting many papers…
N then back to the same old studies….


uddyalok said...

covered almost all aspects just u didnt include the types of communtication in the examination hall....

wht do u use???

or you dont use anythng??

sawan said...

wo wo, u brought back memories.. all the very best for your exams and njoi all those emotions.. u r sure gona miss them all later..!!

swati said...

oh yes how can i forget that..well that topic itself can be a whole post..maybe smeothr time..
i dnt remember if used any such thing..but u knw wat my memory is vry weak..:)
jokes apart..anyways tanx for the cmmnt..

swati said...

hey tanx 4 ur wishes buddy..n yes im definetly gonna miss them all :(

Arunima said...

he he he
enjoyed reading it
All the best dear.

triyash said...

yeah expecting a post on that very soon...

u would have learnt newer and safer ways of communication in the exam hall this time round...

Toonfactory said...

Getting Distinction...Ohh I almost forgot that line :) U made me remember all those Examination Days :) nice post Swati

swati said...

tanx 4 ur wishes dear..really need it..

swati said...

hope so...but u knw tats smething which comes spontaneously...depending on the circumstances..will defintly let u knw if i observe sme new trend..

swati said...

hi,tanx yeah distinction..good things happen rarely..atleast so is the fact in my case..

triyash said...

know wht?? the govt doesnt do much to encourage tourism in northeast (specially states other than assam)...

some dont even consider north-east to be a part of india..

you can not afford to give it a miss...

Karthik said...

//Always thinking about the last day of the xams..Planning movies after xams.. //

tats me!!! Its xam time i guess... Most of the posts r on xams!! Including mine!! But urs deal with Distinction to wic am no way related 2!!

//Those 2 weeks of xams,seeming to be 2 long years..//

True true

//Waiting for the results(best phase),fake rumours of results being out,setting u ablaze//

Nice post buddy!!!
They drive me mad!!! I run out of home everytime my frnds msg results today!! But on the actual release date of results, no one wud b aware of it!!

Hemanth Potluri said...

all the best dear :)...rite well and come bac soon ...well ritten post too :)..


swati said...

hmm..i wish those states are given there due credit..

swati said...

hey tanx glad that even othrs can relate to this post..:)
i hope this havoc of xams get ovr vry soon..nt only 4 me bt also 4 othrs..

swati said...

hey tanx yaar..i hope i do well in xams..:)
n really need those wishes..
will be back soon :)

Toonfactory said...

Ohhhh Exams....LOL...loved reading the post..all the best...

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