Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the real me

It may seem as if I am carefree and strong,
Going through life as if nothing is wrong.
But no one has ever seen the real me,
They only know what I let them believe.
Most often my smiles are real and sincere,
Other times they help to hide my secret fears.
I carefully created a clever mask of illusion,
I wear it now to hide my pain and confusion.
So never is a tear seen falling from my eye,
I have learned to hold it all silently inside.
Quite often I want to just let go and weep,
But the pain is very intense and too deep.
I yearn to belong, to be one of the crowd.
To be able to speak of my dreams out loud.
Wanting so very much to be accepted,
Yet fearing the possibility of being rejected.
I need someone to discern the real me,
And not hold in contempt what they will see.
The weaknesses and flaws I try so hard to hide,
Are all part of the real me I keep hidden inside.

u go through many interesting articles n poem bt as time passes u tend to forget them,this is one amongst few which i wud always like to keep intact..becoz this is the 'the real me'..



"love is the one who masters all things."

Mawlãnã Rumi...for you...

Trinaa said...

i like d real u!!! cheers gal!!

sanvedna said...

this will also be intact for me as this is not only u it is also "real me"

Ria said...

good to know the real u swati. :)

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