Monday, October 6, 2008

dare to dream..

“Some people live to dream,some dream to live”.
Defining dream is a tough job…
Just take a moment and think back to a time when you were playing and at the same time you were also living a dream. You may have been four, five, six, seven or even eight years old longing for an expensive toy bike..or your favourite Barbie dolls..
were these all dreams,or just fantasies and imaginations..but lemme tell u guys n gals the first step in dreaming is imagination..
So,What happened???
Why did you stop Dreaming???
One’s life is full of dreams some meaningless,but some with lot of connotations.
Those childhood dreams were just a short term dream…now u wud say that wat does this short term and long term dream complies
At a point in life you dream of getting a good job..but when you actually get one..that dream surpasses..and then you move on to your next dream.Getting married to ur beloved is one of your key dreams u tend to do anything,go against any1,in order to grow old with your loved one..and luckily u get her in ur wat aftr that.. does life ends there?i guess no..these are all short term dreams..
a long term dream is,where you wanna see urself after a certain stage in accomplishing this long term dream you unknowingly fulfil many short term dreams…just close your eyes for 3 minutes and imagine what you wanna be at an age of 50,60yrs then u’ll come to knw what u actually want from life..
“Dreams don't have to come true at age 20, 30, or 40; they often occur long past when you thought possible.”
Do you still long for a bike when you grow up..or when you actually have one??or do you ever stop in front of a toy store to have a glance of your favourite Barbie doll. ?I guess some of you may answer this question with a resounding yes.. Well with a *smile I commend you for nurturing that very special side of you that allows you to dream. And I commend you for nurturing the child within.
But It's a shame as we grow in years and experience we also become more serious about life and through some bad experiences we become sophisticated and realistic.
I too have a dream,a bit unusual one,just a few people are aware of it..and guess what their reaction was..a big,handsome "WHATTT!!RU SURE"??I don’t knw whether I’ll be able to accomplish it bt I’ll work towards it..
The Thing is we want a speedy result to our dream, when we do this, we lose the ability to create, to fantasize and explore We grow up and leave behind the child within. It takes about 1000 neurons to paln a,dnt be so greedy dear give ur dream ample time to blossom..
We need to believe in our dreams. Just imagine for a moment if right now you could recapture all of those *Magic Moments(dream) and live them as if you were really there right now. Remember how you were feeling and what you were seeing and hearing. The journey to the dream may not be smooth,but realizing that u actually achieved it is "victory"..what else can you ask for..
Life doesn't have to be so serious and we don't really need to be so realistic, nor do we have to meet the expectations of others in terms of behavior n dreams.its our dream n living our dream is upto us.. So,next time you see a doll or a bike..just stop there and realize that u 2 can dare to dream..
“Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.Don't let today's disappointments cast a shadow on tomorrow's dream”


Ria said...

beautiful posts abt dreams. And u r right in saying tht one shud not stop dreaming no matter what. Coz its dreams which inspire us to go ahead and achieve wht we want to in life.

chacha said...

"Dreams are meant to be fulfilled or at least chased"

chacha said...

And I genrally dont update my other blog "the movie that was not" though I guess you liked the post... uhh may be not just my assumption.

Arunima said...

very well said. I am an avid dreamer n so I can completely relate 2 vat u hv said. To add on to it I mus say everyone of us shall dream,it makes life beautiful & fulfilling.

chacha said...

thanks girl for blogroll :)
njoy maadi

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