Saturday, September 27, 2008


Feeling a lot relaxed this weekend,since I got ovr wid the much hyped presentation which went off pretty well,n secondly an unexpetd call frm a vry old frn was a pleasant surprise..actually I had 2 topics 4 this wil go wid d previous one…since I need to give a deep thought to the othr one which I discovrd lately n it screwed my head..
This week as always had smthng in its kit which I had heard of several time, but didn’t ever faced..
When ur in an urgency,you have to bear with im a student of university and my bro was in an urgent need of his graduation degree..which he completed a couple of yrs,rightly he chose me to do dis job 4 him..It was a hell of a experience..being a govt org. what else can u expect from it…yes im talking about corruption..
“Corruption is a tree, whose branches are Of an immeasurable length: they spread Ev'rywhere; and the dew that drops from thence Hath infected some chairs and stools of authority”
It is a disease which is slowly and gradually poisoning our country..I had to bribe(in my words “bribe”,”fees” in his,which he kept in his pocket) that clerk to get my job done,though it wasn’t a big amount but a bribe is a bribe..if I wudn’t have done it,it wud have taken weeks to crack that nut,n wud have affected sm1’s career..
Many-a-times you wud have faced similar situation but may be with other terms like commission,donation,chai-pani,apki shraddha etc.
We blame the system for everything wrong happening around us,but smeway or the other we are a part of it..we are the one who can change it..but we need to start from the grass root level..
There are so many political parties why cant we youth have a party,comprising of literate guys n gals below 40 yrs..n with a retirement saying below 40yrs coz..elder politicians though being experienced are useless..(mind u exceptions are always there)..
There are basically 2 types of politics 1)political,2)developmental..the older lot focuses on the 1st one..but im sure the younger lot wud focus on the latter.
“The military don't start wars. Politicians start wars.”
It is said that we dream of India becoming super power by 2020..but do you think that these uncivilized politicians,who are here just to pay off their old scores can make it possible?? youth has the power to dream with an ability to fulfil it..
If youths are there in evry fields then why not polotics??this applies to me too..why is it that aftr pursuing our due education we look for a lavish career,a well settled life,a happening lifestyle,n not polotics??
A 100 of youth together can make a difference but the thing is we need to unite..
Im not a chauvinist,but this is what I feel. “The most heroic word in all languages is revolution.”
I know this post wud sound a bit weird bt just give it a thought..


chacha said...

Very true. Very difficult to revolutionize. And very shameful.

Scribblers Inc said...

you just reminded me that I need to collect my degree as well!!:O

scribblers Inc.

sanvedna said...

Yes....its really true.We the youth r the one who need to understand that words r not required..we need actions...which will speak louder than words..

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