Monday, October 20, 2008

these messy shoe laces

I love wearing shoes with jeans n trousers..its just sooo comfortable..okay we are not hear to discuss bout the comfort level of slip–ons..
There is a huge problem which I face while wearing shoes.Every now n then one can find me sitting on bench or steps struggling with my shoe laces..its not that I dnt knw how to tie a lace..but lately I discovered that my way of tying them was wrong..
Every hour someone or the other use to point out at my shoes asking me to tie those fluttering laces…I would then handover my helmet to my frenz n ask them to wait 4 a while(i must say they are very patient) so that I could end up with my laces again…my frenz are use to,with this habit of mine,as it more or less is becoming a part of my life...thinking positively,it isn't a bad back exercise,isn't it??ahh.. but enough of this back exercise..and to my ridicule
no one ever came forward to tell me what was wrong with my laces..
Then an angel in disguise(my mumma)helped me out.."Mother understands what a child does not say."a few days back I was sitting n tying the lace of my shoes, she was observing it very carefully,with a mischievous smile on her face..wen I got over with it..she gazed at me,i dnt know what was those looks for but they surely meant,"is this the way to tie a knot of a lace.." She then sat beside me and taught me step by step the right way to tie a knot.(of lace offcourse..)Precisely she tied it herself for me..n believe me that whole day the knot was as it was at its place for bout 7 long was amazing..atleast for me it was a miracle..this is the reason why i regard my ma as an epitome of feminism...
"Some are kissing mothers and some are scolding mothers, but they love just the same; and most mothers kiss and scold together."
We try to do certain things with perfection..but a touch of our parents fulfils the lacking finesse.
Since im a slow learner...I have yet not learned her way of tying knot of a very soon I will..
She even advised me,saying that if u buy shoes next time,buy one without lace as there are multiple range available in the market..
But tell me one thing,have i gone for an unlaced shoe before,had I ever been able to learn this basic lesson of my life..
I know i am poor at tying knots(of lace)..but will surely learn it soon..


Hemanth Potluri said...

sooo cool post...sawti..the magic of words wer created here...its all abt life and how we can manage it ...and u r words express it into the face...nicely done :)..


swati said...
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swati said...

hey tanx 4 those lovely words hemu..

Arunima said...

Nicely done...
itz sumtimes good 2 read abt the usual n simple things that come across our daily lives

Trinaa said...

heyyy...din noe a post abt shoe laces cud be interesting!! niceeeeeeee :)

swati said...

@arunima..tanx arunima..yeah there are certain things very simple and so they are unnoticd..

@trinaa..tanx dear,yeah shoe laces are vry intresting,until they cause a fuss in ur life..lolz:)

Ria said...

Tht was such a cute post!! u know mums r simply amazing. I love my mom. :)

Hemanth Potluri said...

hey dont worry u came late no probs atleast u came naa :)..

my mail id is me ur id :D...


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