Friday, September 19, 2008

some questions unanswered

"once you start to question your life you get to a higher level of awareness,its like turning the light on--voila you see you have choices and choices are sacred"
what if??after someone's demise you come to know that he loved you like anything..n you too had a liking for him.
what if??when you possess a dream,with full determination,but are unable to accomplish it.
what if??when you have champions all around,but you know that you are not the one.
what if??when you are constantly not allowed to rise up from your past failures,even after putting in a lot of hardwork .
what if??when you are let down by your failures,even when you try to ignore them.
what if??when you don't want to leave your makers,just because of your career.
what if??when you are not credited,for the credit you deserve.
what if??when you are assessed according to others performance.
what if??when you really care but are unable to express.
what if??when your only desire to see your makers proud of you,is not fulfiled.
what if..??many more..but with no answer..
we learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it,than we do from learning the answer itself.


Trinaa said...

didnt know that 'what ifs' could be this beautiful...nice work there swati!

ps:thanks 4 following my blog :)

Meenakshi said...

these questions are without an ending mark.....for most of us

Anonymous said...

That was even better than mine dear..
It deals about life, mine about love - that's the only difference..:)
Keep writing as this!

V. Archana said...

what if,u dont find the answers for all your questions around u?

its all within u. ur heart!

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