Thursday, September 4, 2008

beauty does matter

"she did not draw your attention to how pretty she was,she didn't draw attention to anything bout her.this was her beauty"
I recall an incident..a couple of days back i was hanging around with a bunch of old frenz at a food outlet..sooner we realized a damn good looking young lass sitting beside us..all guys went oh la la..over her looks..and i can bet that each and every individual was mesmerized by her can call her pretty but was she really beautiful?... decide after reading this..
All of a sudden she stood up and went to the counter with full agitation..and denied to pay the bill reason being "the coffee served was tasteless" this all lead to a hardly took us a minute to realize that how catankerous and what a dolt she can she be called beautiful just coz of looks??..i guess not
Coz beauty is not lies within(heart).Inner beauty describes the positive aspect of something which is not physically observable.
It's your elegance,behavior,intelligence,honesty what counts..its not about your behaviour towards an elite persona its about how you acknowledge a person of low stature than yours..
"if you get simple beauty and nothing else,you get the best thing god invents"..i am bleesed to have plenty of beautiful heart and soul around me..but i can still see many person need to embellish their do i


Samvedna said...

beautiful thought.........but the problem is that nobody understands it...people generally r taken away js by d looks of the person...hope that through ur attempt may be some people understands what true beauty is.......

Meenakshi said...

Very comes from within.......mere face cannot reflect your soul..

Sorcerer said...

beautifully put.
I agree with the above comment.

sawan said...

attitude -> agreed! :)

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