Monday, September 22, 2008

immortal love

This post is dedicated to my grandpa who is leaving 2mrw for my cousins home,and to my grandma who is no more in this materilistic world.
It's been 7 months since grandpa has been wid us in our abode..when he came he was not alone..he was accompanied by dadi my grandma..these 7 months was like an emotional melodrama for him consisting of both positive and negative aspect..positive in the sense..i have seen a satisfaction on his face,on the transfer of my uncle back to the hometown,n also the blithe when my brother was offered a dignified job,to share all these happinez my grandma was there with him..But 2day wen he is leaving our house she is no more,neither with him nor with us..his major dismay is that till now wherever he went,he was accompanied by her..but this is for the first time he has to go alone..
Grandpa is in his late 80’s..and its just been 4 n a half months since grandma left us..since then he has not been living his life he is just trying to “pass” it..many a times I have seen him analyzing,observing grandma’s antiques and utilities so as to be close to her..not even a single day when he does not reminisces her..
he has been an idol of patience,courage,strength and will always be..but I have seen him craving for grandma..
What to say about my grandma..she was a highly intellectual nt sayin this coz she was my grandma..any person in her close vicinity would say the same.Even in those times when their was dearth of facilities,n women were considered underdogs and were imposed with lot of restrictions ,she proved her metal by overcoming all those restrictions..only for good upbringing of her any mother would have done..
I dnt knw whether she was able to achieve what she actually desired..but then sometimes you have to sacrifice your dreams for the sake of others.Im saying this coz of her writings or call it an autobiography..where she poured her heart out.she had a gr8 command over hindi as well as English...i must say despite being so independent in her thoughts she was completely devoted towards her family..This is evident from the bond each family member share ..this was what she wanted.she always wished to see all of us together..and we very much are.
Both my grandma and grandpa’s nature was totally diverse,quite natural,since this is the soul behind a successful relationship. "Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end." if grandma loved to be social then grandpa was a loner.they had entirely different food tastes.
Grandpa u always use to say that I have offered lot of servings to grandma during her last days,but trust me it was not offered to earn any praise,I would have considered it fruitful if grandma would have recovered,I was just trying to increase the gap between her life and that she could stay with us for a longer time,but then lets face the veracity it was an incurable disease.

What to say grandpa,I will really miss those evening walks of about 15-20mins which we had after dinner,each walk taught me a new lesson,and gave a new dimension to my are an institution,as was your betterhalf.
I know we all get occupied in our day to day activities and somewhere,somehow we have started living with it..but I can completely understand your grief..she meant the whole world to you..and when a part of you leaves you at this stage of life its really hard to condone.. “There is no grief like the grief that does not speak.”
Dadi this is for you I know u are up above in the sky and showering your blessings upon us..but why did you go? “Time goes by, life goes on, and all I can think of is why you're gone."
Grandpa I am glad that we are in the same city,will definetly catch up on weekends..but I would just say that “Seeing your partners death as the end of life is like seeing the horizon as the end of the ocean.”wherever she would be lets wish that her soul rest in peace..
Isn’t love immortal??
See u grandpa
Miss u grandma.(chitthi na koi sandes jaane vo kaunsa des jahan tum chale gaye)


Solitaire said...

Love is immortal.

You reminded me of my grandparents that I was so close to. :(

I wish they were back with me again.

Anonymous said...

Very touching.. The grief one feels when a loved one dies, especially after sharing most of your life with that person is immeasurable I think.. And I really feel with all my heart for anyone in such a position..

btw, thanks for droppin by my blog.. Hope to see you there again :)

Trinaa said...


sanvedna said...

It really proves that love is immortal....god bless ur grand ma's soul n give strength 2 ur grandpa coz life widout his partner is really a struggle 4 hm..

suman said...

ya..Luv is nvr dies.........whn its true....

may god bless u n whole ur family.....including ur grand pa....

V. Archana said...

i'm sorry.

i love u,swati!

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