Friday, August 21, 2009

Words-eternally yours

I thought for the whole day,to see what all can i write..
A lil smthng tat would say just what was on my mind.
However there was not a single thought..
That captured my psyche..
For no one else would understand wat i'd like to write.

My hands itched to scribble ;

And then i felt what world would be without words..
Few dots dashes n few unfinished pictures.
I closed my eyes n what i see is beauty n rain..
And if there are no words thn hw will u express pain.
For a single word can paint thousand pictures..
When manipulated n shuffled these words tend to nurture.
When spoken in darkness they spread their own light..
Forms a canopy when thrown in searing sunshine.
Words here words there,words unspoken words unsaid..
Words of lose words of win,words of wisdom words of sin.
Without words will u be able to curse?
Without words how will u flirt.
Words stretch their arms when u want to cry..
They transforms into a melodious song to make you fly high.
Loving words,hating words..
Embracing words,deserting words.
In my mind words tremble..
Coz while words are mighty useful thy are also vry beautfl.
As i rest my pen on the paper whch was blank few minutes ago..
And look at the hands whch had an urge to type..
I see some alphabetic carvings in form of words..
Fulfilling my desire to write.


Amal Bose said...

and wen words comes out of swati's hands they become poetry...

Merlin said...

Beautiful... :)

Saurabh said...

elegantly written, beautiful poetry :)

Anonymous said...

You scribbled and so formed poetry...beautiful!
It was as though I was reading your diary from a page of your days..:)
Cute, liked this one a lot!!

Priya Joyce said...

I second Amal here..ahhh...
beautiful work dear

paramveer said...

"A lil smthng tat would say just what was on my mind.
However there was not a single thought.."
i cn relate these lines to myself too....many times!!..:(

n i cmpletely agree that 1 word is enough to describe any picture of life!!

liked the small story inside poem!!

sawan said...

and those alphabets and the words they formed got the magical touch of Swati's fingers and blessed themselves as a poetry!! wow :) its beautiful swts.

mystish said...

bohot deep mein chale gaye ;)
it is lovely, the poem is..
love you sister

Karthik said...

//Blogger Amal Bose said...

and wen words comes out of swati's hands they become poetry...//


Preetilata【ツ】 said...

wordssssss... everlasting words.... :)

it was just amazing tweenu. so deep and true with all d beauty intact.

what i like best abt ur style is dat u have got amazing talent to describe things in tiniest of details.

''And then i felt what world would be without words.. Few dots dashes n few unfinished pictures.

When spoken in darkness they spread their own light.. Forms a canopy when thrown in searing sunshine"

these two r my favorits. just wondering ki tune kaise socha. tu best hai tweenu :)

tu aur tere words hamesha hamesha salamat rahe. keep writng darling coz us words sink deep inside my heart and sool. :)

lv u lotsssssssssss



Preetilata【ツ】 said...

shorry hai ji.. time me blog na padhne ke liye.

maphi pls :(

Dhanya said...

Beautiful :) You write only once in a blue moon but each time you do, it creates sheer magic! Loved your poetry 'word' for 'word' :)

Suree said...

No words to describe ur post... keep going...

Ria said...

that was lovely!!Why have u stopped updating ur blog regularly?? I miss u on my blog too.

ani_aset said...

oh wt btfl wrds u usd
to tl s wt wnt thr ur mnd
mks it wee bt easr fr me
if u leav sms lngo bhnd

getting the drift ;)

Satyu said...

Beautiful Swathi
Lovely...seriously..luvd each n every line every word.
You are amazing dear :)


keep smiling :)

Vikas Chandra said...

....and i feel that it was awsome ....without words how wud i express it!!

swati said...

:)thank you Amal..:)

swati said...

wat a word isnt it?? :)
thanks mate!

swati said...

im honored..thanks dear!!

swati said...

these are jus scribblings when compared to ur spellbinding posts :)
Luv ya!!

swati said...

Thank u ji!!
Goodday!! :)

swati said...

i hope u liked it dear..
yup!!words are magical! :)

swati said...

thanks a lot sweets fr ur words :)

swati said...

zyada ho gaya kya sis??;)
love ya a lot!!

swati said...

everytime i seeur profile pic this smiley seems to tease me :P
that rakhi is still waiting :P

swati said...

ur comment always make me feel like im on cloud nine :)
oye no sorry kudiye..:P
this connection u talking about is since long u knw it na :)
luv ya!!tweenu

swati said...

wat beautifl words u wrote dhanya..
Loads of thanks dear :) hope to see a post frm u soon..dont follow my footsteps :)
Luv Ya!!

swati said...

thanks fr ur wishes dear :)

swati said...

i knw yaar the frequency of my posts is cant help it..:(
i will be thr fr sure..n tat too regularly :) this sudden absence..
Luv Ya!!

swati said...

ehehe.;) sowwiie fr the inconvinience dear..will keep this in my mind from next tme..oops time :P
working over it..n thanks for your comment dear!!

swati said...

so are u my dear :)
Thanks a those words..
Love ya!!

swati said...

welcome dear!!
words can do magic at times :)
thanks a lot fr ur comment..hope to see u again!

ani_aset said...

hey very good response :D
take care

Ravisekharan said...

This was a Cool one...

Your poemss are KEWL...!!

A poet in the MAKING... :)



Neel said...

Good writing skills Swati, Keep it up

HaRy!! said...

one word - lovely! :)

swati said...

Thanks dear!

swati said...

thanks for your kind words dear!
and welcome to my blog!

swati said...

Thank you so much Neel!

swati said...

ThankYou so much!! :P
Goodday! :)

V. Archana said...


You Know Phoo said...

//that rakhi is still waiting :P

I dont want both the RAKHIS!! :x

One more time, I see you with RAkhi, i'll quit blogging and comments in ur space!! :x :P

$@!#%#KARTHIK YOUNGISTAN@$$@$^%%^#

Ashish said...

I'm born to type err write...s o words are like very important for me!!!

Anonymous said...

You write like a creator..

how can one think like this??you must be a piceans u know even i dont decide topic i write it spontaniously..

i like your is my pleasure to follow your blog..

Esther said...

Love it!
All I wanna say is "KEEP WRITING" :)
Happy blogging! :P

scarlet pimpernel said...

hi wonderful

bluebird said...


my first time here.

Liked your opening line.. about sharing the same sky yet not the same horizon.

They have a saying in Africa, to 'Let the hawk perch and the eagle perch'.

I think they too did realize what you said.

Merlin said...

No post from you for a long time!!

swati said...


swati said...

look at ur wrist its already thr :P :P

swati said...

Welcome!! :)
for me too :)

swati said...

yes im a piscean :)
My pleasure to have you here. :)
Keep visiting!

swati said...

hey welcome dear!
n thanks a lot for your wishes :)

swati said...

@scarlet pimpernel
ehehe :P
such a short n sweet comment :)
welcome at my space dear!

swati said...

Good to see you here..:)
n the credit for this header goes to a very dear friend of mine..
she made it exactly the way i wanted it to be..with a perfect line to compliment my blog.
Hope to see you again!
Gooday! :)

swati said...

It may come very soon dear :)

Anonymous said...

magnificent lines..true mixture of ur heart and brain.u must be so intelligent? an honour to follow you..
you post is like a cake and your friend comments are like cherry on it....buckel up..

bluebird said...

A bird sings, not because it has an answer. It sings, because it has a song.

N J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
N J said...

Wordless... :) Beautifully expressed...

swati said...

@ givemeblogname
its readers like you who inspires me to write and the comments here are an incentive to me.
Thank you!

swati said...

No bird soars too high, in the absence of air beneath its wings!

swati said...

Thanks a lot NJ! :)

workhard said...

You are Great wid words!!!!!!

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Tessa_Zombi_photo said...

i would appreciate it if you would let me know if you use my photos in your blog. i dont like it when my work is used without permission

Amit said...

True.. very true. words can make ur life complete. without words our lives r incomplete. :) good write up. i just loved it :)

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