Monday, July 20, 2009

An aura of silver night

Cuddling my arms around my knees
I sat on the beach of an unanamed sea
Resting my chin on the joints..
Canvassing the silver night
Moonlight was shining bright,
Spreading a silvery light reflecting in the water,
The hush n rush of the swiftly flowing silver liquid
Transmuting ordianry water into mercuric metallic flow
Watching waves wash up the beach and washing out again
Taking away the sand beneath my feet.
In the sky
Moonlight romancing wid billions of stars
Spreading the silver luminance
Two brightly shining silver star
Spreading thr silver smile
Seemed to perform an angelic dance
Showering happiness n blessings
The clouds were broken wid silver rays
Covering the moon now n then
When clouds parted
The beauty of the night sky was made to appear
There was subdued heavy silence
Some dark feelings overshadowed me
Sudden gush of being drenched in dark silver flow
To wipe of the fear,tears,and the past grudges
To rejuvenate self,n be a new born
And then thr was beautfl silver rain pouring frm sky
Gazing my past,
The droplets falling on the fallen petals n leaves
That silver rain marked a new beginning
And filled life wid acoustic silver paint
I still sat drenched wid cuddled arms
Watching the new horizon
Witnessing the silver lining of clouds
Transforming into a golden ray.

It has been a year since i have been into blogging and my pace has been really slow bt i love it this way,
so here's a Big heartfelt thankyou on my 25th(silver) post to all my frenz who have been really supportive throughout n to all those too who came here read the post but didnt comment THANK YOU ALL..
:) :)


Amal Bose said...

wonderful work swati..
beautiful and highly detailed description of the brilliant night sky..
A really silvery post for the silver jubilee..
im hoping to see ur golden post soon..
and its not the frequency of posting that matters, its the content.
and with this type of awesome work ur doing, we dont care how long we wait for ur next..
take care :-)

Arv said...

A lovely poem to top it all off :)

congrats mate... cheers...

paramveer said...

u r slow....not a doubt
and its good when u do no compromise with quality of work.
lIked ur blog and poems!!!


Priya Joyce said...

that was so wonderful a post dear :)

loved to be lost in it yaar :)

keep going keep posting

happy blogging :)

Ria said...

congrats for completing a yr gurl!!and tht was an awesome post, Hope u always keep writing such awesome posts. :)

Nikholic said...

I had one of these experience of being on the shore by the moon light. and the way you expressed it is just the wat i felt it. the only difference was it wasnt a rainy night. Too good buddy slow and steady keep going, will catch soon in this journey called life.


PULKIT said...

blogging is cool in this manner that it makes one his or her own boss :) so its cool...and sometimes slow posting makes it all more excitin for friends to wait for next post :)

coming to this post...U have a brilliant skill of going deep into arrations with your verses and words swati!
tc and god bless!
keep writing! u have a gr8 talent and if practiced and brushed for another year...might take ya miles more :)
wishes there with u!
followin ur blog now!
tc god bless!

Mad Blogger said...

Loved it...

Chriz said...


congrats girl..

may you have many many more wonderful blogging years..

Satyu said...

Beautiful Post Swati :)
Each and every sentence..carries a beautiful feeling with it.
I could imagine the whole thing.
Its just awesome :)
Congrats for the Silver Jubilee post:)
keep smiling :)

Indrajit said...

Transmuting ordianry water into mercuric metallic flow
Watching waves wash up the beach and washing out again......

Beautiful lines.

and Congrats!!

Anonymous said...


First of all, how in the world did you get an image that so beautifully syncs with the poem???

Loved the last stanza...and especially the last line..Beautiful!

It just seemed like the colour Silver held our whole life and finally made it so worthy that of gold..

Colours make up our life and so it is so true!!!

Blogging is all about expressing your mind in words..

Slow or fast, as long as you don't think the need to blog, don't!

All the best for your ventures in this domain and hoping to see more of your masterpieces!

Escapist said...

Hiya !

Too wonderful ...


Hemanth Potluri said...

Loved the post so much :) ya sweeety :)...completed one :)....congrats once again..and loads of love HUGS....the poem is simply so suberb :)...HUGS....


V. Archana said...

congrats swati. nice write :) happy blogging! :)

Suree said...

hey sweety swati, congrats.... lovely poem....keep going ....

Fallen Angel said...

Loved the description of the whole step up .....Golden ray :-) *smiles*

Keep Blogging.

Saranya S said...

Congrats on your 25th blog! Keep going. :)
That was a wonderful poem :)
Happy blogging.

Saurabh said...

the last two lines of the poems were very meaningful, and i guess, that's how life should be, gradually transforming into something newer and brighter.

congrats on your 25th post, and we all would love to read many more from you in times to come.

Jarlin Paul said...

Good one...keep writing.

The15YearOldNaive said...

it felt like I almost witnessed
watching the new golden horizon.
beautiful poem

xoxo The 15Y.O Naive

Arunima said...

Congratulations dear!
Keep up the good work & the pace :)

Dhanya said...

A blogger is free to blog at whatever pace he or she wants!!! I guess your blogging at a slower pace only make your posts extra special. Something to look forward to every time...

Lovely post as usual. Happy 25th! :)

Karthik said...


By the way, you did you put my Girl friend post in this post?? You assured me, you wont show to public na.. She is now scolding me!! :(

ani_aset said...

aww that was lovely, i could get the drift towards the end of the poem with lots of "silver" being used :)

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

congratulations on completing an year in blog world...and that was a wonderful poem..

~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu reading your blog

swati said...

i hope so too amal :)
tats so sweet of u :) but it may really take long to reach tat golden post.
u too take care mate :)

swati said...

Thanks fr those kind words da :)

Take care :)

swati said...

welcome here..n thanks fr liking my work. :)

swati said...

@pj ya!!


swati said...

hey ria..thanks..its jus tat i have some really lovely frenz like u who always motivates me tat i cud write smthng whch even i liked :)
love ya!!
Take care!

swati said...

Glad tat u liked it buddy :)


swati said...

thanks fr such lovely words pulkit..n i liked ur blog too..thanks fr blogrolling :)

swati said...

@mad blogger
thanks mate :)

swati said...

Thanks dude :) thanks fr ur wishes :)
Gooday! take care!

swati said...

Thank u so much gurl :)

Love ya!!
take care!!

swati said...

Thanks a loads dear :)

swati said...

m so glad tat u cud connect wid the post :)
Yup this is hw life is full of different shades.

n point noted dear..i will only write wen i feel like doing it..:)
will try to match up wid the expectations :)
Love ya!!

swati said...

Welcome dear :) n thanks a tonne :)

swati said...

thanks ya!!
hugsss :)

swati said...

thanks arch :)

swati said...

Thanks dear :)

swati said...

@fallen angel
*wink *wink :)
Thank u :)
Take care!!

swati said...

Thanks a loads dear :)

swati said...

thanks so much dear..
will try to improve my pace :)
Take care!!

swati said...

Thanks dear :)

swati said...

@The 15Y.O Naive
Glad u liked it dear :)
hugggggsss :)

swati said...

hehe..yeah dont knw bout work but yes pace i will :P

Love ya!!
Thanks dear :)

swati said...

some positive aspect to my slow blogging :)
love ya!!
Thank u so much sweety :)

hugggggsss :)

swati said...

awwee :P is she ur gf?? but she didnt uttered a word wen i askd her fr a pic..she was OK wid it :P btw whr ru..why is she all alone?? :P

swati said...

welcome to my blog dear :) n thank u fr liking it :)

swati said...

Thanks a loads dear :)

swati said...

thanks :) hope u liked it..

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

standing ovation darling. applauds.

it was MAGICAL :)

keep weaving such marvelous poetries my tweeny. m soooo very proud of u.

congratulations....may u keep touching new heights. u loads :)

chubskulit said...

You have a very nice blog with great discussion... I am now your follower.. Pls visit sometimes when you have time..

Merlin said...

Wonderful poem!!

Anonymous said...

Finally I you made me comment. Its always a pleasure to come around your blogspace. God bless you

sawan said...

Swati, this is mind blowing!! such a beautiful description. i am in love with it!!

congratz on ur silver post sweets and keep penning!!

and once again, i am in luv with the description!

swati said...

*hugssss* *kises*
love u loads tweeny :D
thank u soo much!!

swati said...

hey welcome here...n i will definetly be thr..n thanks for following :)
Good day!

swati said...

thanks dear!

swati said...

The pleasure is all mine dear..
God Bless ya too :)
Good day!!

swati said...

awe :) thanks fr liking it dear..
so good to see u aftr soo long :)
Take care!!
Gooday!! :)

N J said...

this is one of my fav topics too... loved the way you portrayed it!

workhard said...

Hey.. ur writing is very visual... good work...keep writing...

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Sorcerer said...

that was lovely!

Amit said...

Good1 :) cute thought

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