Friday, September 11, 2009

An Ethereal Spirit

One night I heard a knock at my door
Who could it be I wasn’t so sure.
I opened the door and was filled with glee
The visitors ahead were no strangers to me.

I welcomed the guests with a fake smile
For I knew- might not I get any respite.
An air of suspicion crammed the space
My home was now a mysterious place.

Have you any clue who these visitors were?
My long lost desires- all who refused to blur
Travelled they long- from dawn to dusk
At last were here to brush off my mind laden with dust

Some desires filled me with great zest
For I knew they may soon manifest.
Some were buried deep in my heart
Since I nipped them in bud with a feeble dart.

For some desires I had, my heart still repents
Why I had them ever, I forever lament.
Some had grown in layers manifold
They cry in silence while I suffer and behold.

Died the few- their painful death
Left were only the memories and wreckage.
Some bygone desires resurfaced and floated in the heart
I smiled morbidly as I knew they soon will depart

Ready To Depart When they were,night turned into ethreal hours
I wrapped them in celstial coffin,on top of that sprinkled some flowers
Again they promised to visit my heart,when i refused to make them my integral part
In vain they pleaded on their knees,but it was time for them to rest in graveyard.

p.s. i am highly thankful to preety(tweenu) for designing this beautiful template for my blog,though it is still under construction,but i know she will modify n make it exactly as i want it to be :) Love ya tweeny :)


Preetilata【ツ】 said...

ab main kya bolu tweenu. u already knw everything.

i just adore the way u cm up with detailing.

lv ya loads.

hugsssssssssssssss :)

Anonymous said...

Poems ! they always catch me on the backfoot !

V. Archana said...

Nice,a li'l frail though.

Ria said...

the template is beautiful. :) and yes so is the poem.

U write beautifully girl.

mystish said...

are you even human anymore??
loved it darling :)

Hemanth Potluri said...

nice poem swati..


Dhanya said...

This is one of the best poems I have read in a while. Could relate to it somehow...

The template is different. But a lil dark :)

Vikas Chandra said...

gud hai yaar!!

poem bhi blog design bhi.

Anonymous said...

Love the way your template is shaping up..:) Cheers!!
This one was a revelation...! Well was simply a feeling hidden in all our hearts but we cover it with a fake smile..;)
Keep writing..!

SiMbA tAgO said...

seriously girl... how can u write so sexy... really adorable...

awesome.. dont have words


Anonymous said...

If it will not be too much of an ask,can you suggest some template for me too ?

Diwakar Sinha said...

thanks for your visit to my blog
it is nice to find ppl with a passion for poetry...n i appreciate this poem v much

N J said...

the spirit enthralled my soul... thanx

swati said...

N thanks to you for everything :)

love ya more :)

HUgsss :)

swati said...

:) thanks dear :)

swati said...


swati said...

aww..:) thank you so much sweets :)
Hugss :)

swati said...

naah..:P spirit you see :)
Love ya sweetheart :)
hugss :)

swati said...

Thank you!

swati said...

ohh..i am blushing dear *wink *wink :)
Thank you soo much for those kind words..:)
yes the template is a bit is going on..lets it turns up to be finally
Hugs :)

swati said...


*gud hai yaar!!
poem bhi blog design bhi.*

Thank you yaar!!
for reading and commenting bhi :P :P
Goodday ji!

swati said...

Yup i so agree with you..
n thank you so much for your words dear :)

swati said...


ehehe :P even i dont know :P
thank you so much for your comment :)

swati said...

sure :)

swati said...

thanks for the appreciation.

swati said...

Thats a lovely comment..
thank you NJ!

Sorcerer said...

nice work
been my first time to this blog
will keep this on my radar

keep bloggin..

HaRy!! said...

Hey thats a lovely write up!! The template sure matches the mood of the poem! thats rejection in the end right? or am i wrong? I got that from asking them to rest in Graveyard!..cya around


Anonymous said...

beautiful! both ur poem, and di's handmade template! :)

super! :)

mystish said...

I am in total awe of your style of writing yaa.. I mean, you do post not-so-often but boy! do you know how to deliver a bombshell when you do write OR WHAT?!!
My love for you multiplies with every new virtual-creation of yours :)
go sista!!!

Jaggu said...

Amazingly written. You have good creative skills and keep sharpening them. And welcome to my blog.

Indrajit said...

I knew this was coming....

I can't add your blog since I don't have the access here.

Abt the poem - very good. Tc.

Escapist said...

Perfectly well written and occupying..


Merlin said...

Nice template.. great poem!! :)

Esther said...

Hey you've been tagged :-)

Check out my blog for details :-)

Miss Komal said...

Beautiful poem :-)

~*~ Jal Pari ~*~ said...

Simply beautiful!

Priya Joyce said...

tat ws a reely wonderful jot down..u cn call it emotional...but the sync of happiness wth wat i found magnificent :):)

Saurabh said...

nice poem, and so is the template..
do u like black a lot?

ani_aset said...

very nice unique style and good to have buried desires :D

swati said...

@ Sorcerer
thanks fr the comment dear..
n welcome to my blog.hope u likes it!

swati said...

it was rejection harry..u guessed it right!
will drop at your place sometime soon.
n thanks for the comment

swati said...

thanks leo!

swati said...

u know made me read my post again..coz u very well know that when it comes to writing then you are an epitome in it.and these words coming from you filled me with awe..i am like what should i say now..
love ya sis!!a lot!!

swati said...

thanks a lot for your comment..will try to do so :)

swati said...

:) and i know who told you.
thanks for the appreciation.

swati said...

thanks a lot dear!

swati said...


swati said...

checked it gurl..will try it soon :)

swati said...

hey komal thanks a lot!

swati said...

and i thank you! :)

swati said...

thanks a lot sweetie pie :)
Hugs :)

swati said...

ehehe :P yes saurabh i love it!
and thanks for your comment.

swati said...

:) thank you!! well! yes i agree :)

Ankur said...

wow... a good poem!! :)

u write well... and yes, the blog looks superb!!! :)

Amal Bose said...

ur poems are really wonderful..
loved this one..
the words used were awesome and deep n a bit dark too i guess ;)
and the template is beautiful.. :)

btw.. sorry for being late ;)

Merlin said...

Waiting for your next post!!

Anonymous said...

Hope your Desires manifest soon :)
Amazing Blog!
All the best!!

Anonymous said...

If I steal your template, don't put me behind bars :| But WOW @ the poem. :)

paramveer said...

what else you can think about types of desires!!!!!!!....nicely written!

swati said...

thanks for your visit..Good to see u here again after a long time..:)

swati said...

hey thats ok..its better late then never..
and thanks a lot for those words dear..:)

swati said...

its up :)

swati said...


swati said...

You are under arrest :D
and your punishment to be regular here :)

swati said...

Thanks dear!!

workhard said...

Lovely poem..

And the template is cool!!!

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Vittaldas Prabhu said...

Wonderful! I can connect to this entirely. So many desires that have died a painful death. So many wishes that may never come true. So many destinations I never might seek. Every word of this poem goes deep down and touches the soul. I am sure many of us will be able to connect to these words. I guess I am going to sit and replay life in retrospective, dig all of my dreams, aspirations and see if I can do any service to them.

heavealie said...

i think you are fascinated with the dark side!!how the desires influences the mind as well as the heart was very well used in this piece of poetry!!darkness was required and darkness was felt!!i liked the ending where you buried your desires!!ohh i thought the ending would be 'rest in peace' it was like really the word which was hitting the nail on the head!!i would like to know that why the usage of the word graveyard!!i know you would have thought of peace but then why graveyard!!well written and keep writing!!!

Amit said...

Good emotions. lovely thoughts :)

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