Monday, May 11, 2009

An angel in disguise

Im glad to inform that the else part which was under construction has been successfully completed

those who missed out or forgot the if part may click here to catch up with it else theCondition will be incomplete

Blessing from god,in the form of an angelic figure..
Figure which makes family complete and causes ur energy to trigger.

The chan-chan of the anklet,from those tiny feets..
Those lovely dresses and the spell binding speech.

The barbie dolls and the kitchen sets.
Those pony tails and the care for the pets.

Fights with sibling simply as a routine..
Giving a reason he/she used my pantene.

Folded sleeves and skirts getting shorter..
Topping the class and proving self smarter.

Nail colors,lipsticks and the mascaras
Tomboyish,boisterous and voo maara..

Shopping,bargaining and the 1rs.fight
Jwellery,gossips and the envy sights

Tolerating wild stares,taunts and obscenity
Giving slaps,sandals and maintaining dignity

Little concerns gives her tears..
N those strong shoulders,to hide ur fears.

Those struggles,and the fight for equality..
Lots of patience and 1000's of qualities

First crush,first love,first kiss..
The first last crush,the first last love,the first last kiss.

Loosing the loved one,wat an irony.
Shedding tears its her tyranny

Dillema to accept or reject a proposal,
Lots of thoughts for not hurting an individual.

Garlands,marriage n the stomach butterflies..
Strange feeling on entering new life.

Pearl in eyes for parting with parents..
Maintaining firmly the delicate relations.

Warmth of being in honey's arms..
Cooking delicacies to make him charm.

The surreal beautiful moonlight night..
On the beach and hubbies starlight eyes.

Waiting anxiously for betterhalfes return..
Giving the good news..n getting a tight hug in refund.

Homemaker,working or super model..
managing each role with equal moral.

These are the synonyms of her.

Wishing all you mothers a happy mother's day..n always remember that
"A son is a son till he gets his wife,a daughter is a daughter till the end of life."
*wink *wink :)


Amal Bose said...

that was superb swati..
i read the the other part only now, and its just as beautiful as this.
wat suprises me is ur take on both ends.. its soo true. i mean if i were to have written this the other half would have been well.. vague. but you have done wonderfully..
great work :-)

im not sure if i totally agree with the last sentence ;-)

Priya Joyce said...

lovely lovely lovely......... simply rocked...


and the last sentence......i so so agree wth it :)

Arv said...

absolutely loved it... amazing stuff :)

have a lovely day... cheers...

Ria said...

wow!!tht was jus superb. :) Loved it totally.

Suree said...

good better best

swati ur always the best....;

keep it up

swati said...

hey thanks fr those lovely words yaar...
most of the guys would disagree with tat one...but thats the truth:P

swati said...

thanku thanku thnaku...
thank u so much babes..
yeah..i do agree agree with it...:)

swati said...

thanks da :P
good day to u to :)

swati said...

:) :) thanku soooooo much...sweety..

swati said...

hey tats an honor yaar..thanks a lot..

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

wonderful swati. enjoyed reading it so much and loved every word of it. after all bng a girl i can relate to it na. :)

Karthik said...

Amazing.. OMG!! No words to describe.. you are a great writer..

//A son is a son till he gets his wife,a daughter is a daughter till the end of life."

Wat a line this is!! Blown me away!!

You've a great future!!

Toonfactory said...

Loved it...simply superb!

Karthik said...

You hate Tamil comments n ma blog?? Dont worry.. I'll teach u tamil in retun you have to gimme a job and teach me Bengali...

eye-in-sty-in said...

Am glad I read this blog! So much creativity you have!

Saurabh said...

well, we've all been waiting for the else part, and we have it. very nicely written, good job, swati !

though i don't agree with this:

"A son is a son till he gets his wife,a daughter is a daughter till the end of life."

not always true (about the son)...

swati said...

yeah dear..completely :)

swati said...

gr8 future??hey are u a fortune teller..thn tell me my future yaar..:)

swati said...

thanks dear:)

swati said...

u'll teach me tamil n i'll give u a job n also teach u bengali..2!!

i can promise u a job in my software company as u have already seem my programming skills..but cant teach u bengali dear..coz i m nt a bengali..i only knw roshogulla in bengali :P

swati said...

hey welcome yaar..n thanks fr ur lovely comment..hope to cu again..

swati said...

long time...
well..i hope i did justice with the else part too..

i knw dear all sons are nt the u have to agree to it tat daughters are any day better thn son..

V. Archana said...

ahhaa.. i lurved this one. especially the last sentence ;)

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