Monday, February 16, 2009

Journey of a boy..

if (baby==boy)
First glimpse of god's ultimate creation,
the sensation of own blood,n bowing head in admiration..

The sweet smile..n pearly eyes,
those soft nails,and tightly clutched fives..

The finger and the sign languages,
mum for water and those giggles driving u to seat edges..

Crawling in mud,n catching small insects,
holding a pen n scribbling,with grandpa's specs..

Uttering the first word..n taking the first step,
falling down and stretching arms in distress..

Pulling up the pants..n wiping nose with shirts cuff,
hitting a six and making a buzz..

School days..the happy ways,
the basketball court n heated debates..

Oily hairs replaced with zataks and brylcream,
tying tie low n getting in mainstream..

Guitar strings..n hang outs in ccd's,
those endless chats..n falunting bikes in morning breeze..

The peculiar flirting,as if gals don't understand,
the gifts n chocolates and those spontaneous errands..

The farewell,the music n the attractive sherwaani.
swanking the suit as if its Armaani..

The struggles..and long walks on pavement
watching the dreams go real causing the upliftment..

Selection in best college,
those fest,fiesta's n endless knowledge..

Shivers on arrival of companies for placement,
those tears,celebrations and in within arguments..

The thumping of heart on first serious proposal,
those sleepless nights and getting emotional..

The reddening n blushing,on proposals consent,
a feeling of pride on being independent..

The work stress,the deadlines, n those random journeys,
the dearth of sleep,n visiting the refineries..

Dedicating the first salary check to parents,
more blessings and graces from the heaven..

The engagement,the rituals,
those late night calls,and the nuptials..

Those witty acts on honeymoon,
wooing the better-half under full moon..

The loans n insurance policies,
those provident fund and no holidays..

Hearing the good news..from wife,
the 9 months seeming to be whole life..
this part is under construction,so you are requested to focus on the if part only.
Good Day!


Hemanth Potluri said...

that was cute :)...those words are real in some aspects :)...i had a smile wen i finished reading the post :) sweety :)..


Ria said...

he he tht was damn cute post!! :) And i shall wait for the part under construction.

Alok said...


Saurabh said...

very nice post:)... hopefully, we'll get to read the else part, too, no?... ;)

Puja said...

lovely post well written

swati said...

thanx hemu.. :)

swati said...

he he thanx sweety..
is it so?now i'll have to seriously think about the under construction part.. :)

swati said...

:) :)

swati said...

yes saurabh i hope so too.. :)
n thanx fr visiting..

swati said...

hey welcome puja
n thank you so much..

Karthik said...

Swati U r a great prograamer... No header files??? No printf statement?? is it C, C++ or JAVA???

Karthik said...

Sorry mate.. am out of blogging fr a while... So couldn't chk it n time!!! :(

Karthik said...

The last one was LOL

this part is under construction,so you are requested to focus on the if part only.

Thought u wud write on girls!!!! :))

//Selection in best college,
those fest,fiesta's n endless knowledge..//

I gt struck here.. May be a break statement would help me to jump out of loop... or nested if like DUMB for my kinda students.. Swatz u must be n a BEST college with all the guys around u are brainy!!!! :)))))

Karthik said...







All have the first employer in their list as SWATI!!!! :))))))))))))))))0

swati said...

so many comments at a time..thank you so much yaar..
In which age are u living yaar..a language named SWATI++ has been launched way back n ur unaware..huh?
no need of header files n knw printing required its all built-in..

yaar i have already written so much on gals that people think that i am gender biased so i thought of displaying my talent that i know little bout guys

oh yes all those companies have already appointed me..nw im scratching my head which one to join..any suggestions..afterall my sort of talents are found very

Karthik said...

U start SWATI SOFT... And gimme a job!!!

Karthik said...

Swatz if i had known u r such a great programmer, i would have asked my parent to join me in Swatz's college at Lauknau and by this time would have written ADDITION of two NUMBERS program without an error.. :)))

Mannu said...

Ultimate, swati.

Copying this one down in my PC. very beautifully worded, the circle of life. i will put it forward to my 8 yr old nephew, to take over reins from my gen of guys.!i see myself in him and much like the way u have penned it.

swati said...

yaar i would have definetly offered you a job but the problem is that you are under age..:)
and if not addition of two numbers than atleast i would have made the definition of COMPUTER very clear by now..technically qualified people still fumble when you ask them the proper definition of computer..lolz

swati said...

thank you so much mannu..
that was really sweet of glad u all liked it so much..:)

Neelam Singh said...

so sweat dear............waise what about girls journey..........
and that under construction part is realy graet....

ursss neelam

Arunima said...

thats a technical post!
u shud have implemented d else part 1st....:) girlz shud b given preference na.

deluded said...


but shouldnt they all be drinking strawberry milk at the end?

and chewing gum.

swati said...

thanks neelam..

swati said...

yes i knw i have already written a lot bout gals in my last two didnt wantd to get monotonous.. :)

sawan said...

o m g, some one is obsessed with programming languages.. thank god the post din start with the usual header lines :P

mann, how well did ya describe a transition of a boy to a man.. amazing work.. u seem to understand the opp sex qiote well.. gud for ur better half :P

nice post :P

Manasa said...

lol.. good one :)

Prianca said...

wow, nice post.
i was really looking fwd to reading the else part.....but hard luck..under construction, the page says
still, a very nice blog
blog rolled you :)

swati said...

lol betterhalf..
yaar just wanted a change so thought of trying smething unusual.. :)

swati said...

hey welcome..n tanx a lot :)

swati said...

hey welcome dear..
n thank you so much.. :)

sawan said...

yeah thats what i said.. a girl understanding a guy is quite unusual :P lol [no offense meant, but ready to pick a revolver in the debate] :P

sawan said...

huh.. do i see two of ur images here?? if yes, the first one is luvly and i vote for it blind fold :)

swati said...

no dear u are wrong..gals are the only one who cn undrstnd a guy..even bttr than a guy undrstnds himself..:)
n that unusual thing was fr the if else statement..
so ru ready wid ur revolver??lemme pick up my sword :)

n ys both of thm are my images..thnk you so much for the complement..:)

sawan said...

wrong wrong wrong.. be it a guy or a girl, no one understands you better than your self :P

girls are so dramatic, why dont they ever talk about how they feel? they always want the guys to "understand" their emotions by looking into their eyes! how weird!! guys like to be alone and silent when they are irritated.. and i dont know why, girls choose this very time to show how much they care :( and u say they understand :P

okies, now i need a some thing to protect myself.. sword!!! o m g.. save me :(

swati said...

right right right...
gals may be dramatic but guys are so confused n can never decide what they actually want..
n gals dn't talk about how they feel coz they don't wanna bother any1..
i mean why not understand it through eyes..afterall eyes speaks more than words lol..:)
to cut it short if gals don't understand guys then why do guys always strive fr gals attention :P
why can't they be happy on their own :)

swati said...

sword n that too a big one :P

Arv said...

Hiya... First timer here...

the 'IF' was well constructed... and I was really getting curious about the ELSE part... :)

well written mate... take care.. cheers..

Dhanya said...

Cute post :)

Toonfactory said...

Cute post... :) loved it...the last lines take the cake :)

Swetha Padakandla said...

hey, swati.. thnx for dropping by!
u have written wht i exactly had it in my mind! nicely written...


swati said...

heya thanx n welcome dear..

swati said...


swati said...

yeah...n tanx...

swati said...

thanx yaar...n thanx fr visiting..

ARUNA said...

wonderful post it is!

अविनाश said...

good one

Twisted Elegance.... said...

Well the first post I have read on your blog and its impressive :)

Scribblers Inc said...

very well written...goood stuff!!

Scribblers Inc.

swati said...

hey thanks yaar
@twisted elegance
welcome to the blog..n thanks for the comment..
finally a comment frm u..than k u so much dear..

अनिल कान्त : said...


मेरी कलम - मेरी अभिव्यक्ति

Karthik said...

Been months into blogging.. when r u coming??

Aneesh said...

WOW! that was awesome... simply loved it. Though, it would have been better if the else-part was complete

Ria said...

where r u these days gurl!??

Nikhil said...

From dawn till dusk...............amazing and enticing journey,

Anonymous said...

long to compile..nevertheless its so good .

Anonymous said...

myself very very bad programmer :((

swati said...

thnks..n tats a nice title too..
@reality bytes
i too only knw these if else loops nothng :) anyways thnks fr visiting

Suree said...

Oh Swati

So good

I was in tears at the end of reading the post....


Preetilata【ツ】 said...

enjoyed reading it soo much. so very cute and so very true. :)

Sorcerer said...

/* ***** beautiful right up */

/* You forgot the # include Babyboy.h


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